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Issue #1 2018

The next issue of Intelligent Transport magazine goes to press on 22 February 2018 and will feature:

  • Big Data In-Depth Focus
  • Real-time Passenger Information In-Depth Focus
  • Smart Ticketing & Payments In-Depth Focus
  • Developments in Vienna’s mobility services
  • The growth of bike-sharing schemes
  • And much more…



Intelligent Transport Issue 1 2017Covering all the new technologies and developments within this vitally important sector, Intelligent Transport provides high-quality analysis across our core topics: Smart Cities, Digitalisation, Intermodality, Ticketing and Payments, Safety and Security, The Passenger, The Fleet, Business Models and Regulation and Legislation. With articles from across the globe, we explore how and why industry decision makers operate the way they do, and examine how technology is changing the dynamics of transport. 

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