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Claim your FREE subscriptionThe next issue of Intelligent Transport goes to press on 21 August 2018. Coming up in Issue #3:

  • In-Depth Focus: Alternative Power
  • In-Depth Focus: Ticketing & Payments
  • In-Depth Focus: Mobility-As-A-Service
  • Smart Cities: San Francisco’s 10 guiding principles for smart mobility technologies
  • Artifical Intelligence: Developing cities, enhancing livability, and dealing with air quality and traffic system pressures
  • Intermodality: The importance of ride-sharing and on-demand transport in a MaaS system
  • The Passenger: Improving passenger experience on the world’s metros by using automated detection software to eradicate journey errors
  • Fleet & Infrastructure: Development of the Colorado Department of Transport’s project to implement V2X technology
  • Business Models: MTR Corporation’s ‘Rail + Property’ model: a successful self-financing transport model
  • Traffic-Management-as-a-Service (TMaaS): updating traffic management for the modern world
  • Safety & Security: Connecting the road: how the European ‘Safe Strip’ project is making infrastructure smarter and roads safer


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Issue #3 will be our largest issue of the year, with a distribution of over 16,000 copies! If you’d like to get involved in any way, such as promoting your solution alongside one of the features, please register your interest below and a representative from the team will be in touch!

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