In-Depth Focus: On-Demand & Shared Mobility

The On-Demand & Shared Mobility In-Depth Focus in Intelligent Transport Issue 3 2022 features articles from Greater Wellington and the City of Annapolis discussing how these newer forms of public transport are solving congestion and parking issues, as well as offering passengers with more flexible and convenient travel options.

On-demand transport and shared mobility have become increasingly more significant players in mobility systems across the globe, with many towns and cities using the services to fill first- and last-mile transport gaps in wider, fixed-route networks or in rural areas. Offering passengers a flexibility that cannot be replicated by traditional modes of transport, these newer forms of mobility are set to be a key area of focus for future transport development plans. 

In this In-Depth Focus from Intelligent Transport Issue 3 2022, find out more from Greater Wellington’s Ben Robinson Drawbridge about how the city’s on-demand trial offered a solution to the desire to connect commuters with Metlink services and reduce the number of cars clogging the capital; and read about how on-demand microtransit offers patrons more flexibility and convenience from the Mayor of the City of Annapolis, Gavin Buckley.

Included in this In-Depth Focus:

  • Wellington trials on‑demand public transport to encourage mode shift
    An on-demand public transport trial in New Zealand’s capital city was inspired by the community and a local council unafraid to innovate, writes Greater Wellington’s Ben Robinson Drawbridge, as he provides Intelligent Transport with exclusive insight into the project.
  • On-demand shared microtransit is boosting the local economy – and relieving strain on parking lots – in Annapolis, Maryland
    Gavin Buckley, Mayor of the City of Annapolis in Maryland, U.S., explains how the city’s new flexible on-demand microtransit service, Annapolis GO, is delivering a range of benefits to the city – including less congestion, a reduction in parking issues, economic growth and happier travellers.
  • Data proves that Digital Demand‑Responsive Transport best matches the travel patterns of today’s British passengers
    Expert View: Jonathan Hampson, Head of UK Partnerships at Via.

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