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Safety & Security


Veea Systems

15 August 2018 | By

Veea offer a range of Hub’s providing a secure, managed, stand-alone, mesh network, distributed computing platform and an apps store at the Edge.

Transforming secure communication platforms

26 June 2018 | By

Being better connected and more secure, future multimedia services will play a crucial role for public transport. Sophisticated data exchange through the Internet of Things, insurance payments in case of delays, and ticket bookings in the blink of an eye – what sounds like the story of a distant future…

Reducing the terrorist threat on public transport

22 June 2018 | By

In this article for Intelligent Transport, Alex Z. Wiggins, Chief of LA Metro’s System Security & Law Enforcement Division, explains how a partnership between the Transportation Security Administration and LA Metro has led to the testing of new screening technology and how that technology is reducing risk for passengers.

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