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Finland in focus: where mobility meets sustainability

13 January 2020 | By

Finland is considered a leader in the implementation of MaaS and is also at the forefront of sustainable mobility efforts. At 2019’s Intelligent Transport Conference, Editor Luke Antoniou spoke to Laura Eiro, Program Director at ITS Finland, about a new concept that is coming to the foreground across the world’s…

Driving organisational and technological change in public transport

18 December 2019 | By

In recent years, technological change has taken hold in public transport like never before, but for some organisations, that process can be difficult. Here, based on a range of experiences as an interim manager for public transport companies, Daan Breukhoven explains how these organisations can encourage staff at every level…

Public transport’s role in climate change

17 December 2019 | By

With climate change now receiving the attention it so urgently requires, Philip Turner, Sustainable Development Manager & European Expert on Sustainable Mobility and Climate at UITP, explains how the organisation is driving change first and foremost at the local level and supporting the modal shift to public transport to help…

An Indian experiment with free transit

16 December 2019 | By ,

On the 29 October 2019, the Delhi government operationalised free public transit for all women in the Indian capital - more than a third of total ridership. Dona Mathew and Dominic Mathew explore how and why the state has implemented such a system.

Connecting India’s National Capital Region

13 December 2019 | By

Population growth in India has led to cities that are buckling under the weight of demand for services. To avoid the overpopulation, many families are moving outside of the cities, but from there, another problem arises: how do they then move around? Shri. Vinay Kumar Singh, Managing Director of NCRTC,…

Roundtable: Women in Transport – Issue #4 2019

13 December 2019 | By

The male-dominated transport industry has left women hesitant to pursue careers in a vital sector that is increasingly packed with opportunity. Here, we ask some of the experts looking to drive the industry towards diversity and equality how to identify and understand the main challenges that women are facing, and…