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Transport’s Bright Horizons Report Series: Data

20 June 2024 | By

Welcome to the latest instalment of Intelligent Transport's report series, where we take a deep dive into the world of data, with contributors from across the vibrant public transport spectrum. Learn about the vital role of data analytics in improving public transport services and reliability; the importance of ensuring data…

Backing British ingenuity into a 10th year of TRIG success

25 April 2024 | By

The UK Minister for Aviation, Decarbonisation and the Future of Transport, Anthony Browne, discusses the pivotal role of collaborative innovation in advancing a cleaner, more efficient transport network that meets evolving public needs, emphasising the importance of initiatives like TRIG to drive connectivity, sustainability and job creation across the UK.

Next generation protection in the digital age

22 April 2024 | By

As technology propels the transport industry into the digital era, the promise of increased efficiency and passenger satisfaction is undeniable. Yet, with every leap forward comes the looming shadow of cyber-threats, ready to exploit vulnerabilities in the intricate web of connectivity. For Intelligent Transport, Nomad Digital's Paul Vaclik explains how…