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How to use tech to improve transport for students with SEND

6 June 2023 | By

In the midst of the current cost of living crisis, councils are struggling to offer quality transport to students with SEND (special educational needs and disabilities) while staying within budget. Digital demand-responsive transport presents a possible solution.

Empowering the workforce with technology

2 June 2023 | By

Elliot Tabachnik, Domain Product Owner for the Operations Domain at FlixTech, provides insight into how FlixBus is leveraging technology to empower its workforce to deliver a superior customer experience in today's rapidly evolving transportation industry through a combination of AI-driven decision-making, connected communication platforms and new technological developments.

Are shared e-scooters and shared EVs helping to create more sustainable cities?

1 June 2023 | By , , ,

Shared mobility solutions can offer towns and cities a range of benefits, particularly in the realm of improving sustainable travel behaviours, but it can be difficult for local authorities to choose which solution would best support their regions. To solve this challenge, Bax & Company’s MObility DEcisions (MODE) framework offers a robust…

Innovation is only real when shared: How the bus remains the staple of public transport through international collaboration

31 May 2023 | By , ,

Considered perhaps the most prominent staple of public transport everywhere, it is precisely the bus that keeps on innovating - even resurrecting – its image. For Intelligent Transport, the Bus Unit of UITP discusses the joint global efforts from the entire sector to keep creating services that make people want…

In-Depth Focus: Sustainable Transport

31 May 2023 | By

The Sustainable Transport In-Depth Focus in Intelligent Transport Issue 2 2023 features articles from Oakville Transit and Madrid City Council discussing the future of sustainable transit initiatives in Oakville and the Spanish capital’s Madrid 360 Sustainable Mobility Plan.

In-Depth Focus: Mobility-as-a-Service

31 May 2023 | By

Intelligent Transport Issue 2 2023’s Mobility-as-a-Service In-Depth Focus features articles from Solent Transport and Calypso Networks Association discussing the importance of managing customer expectations and ensuring success through effective MaaS marketing and how ticketing options for Mobility-as-a-Service need to integrate fully with existing public transport offers or they risk derailing…

In-Depth Focus: Smart Ticketing

30 May 2023 | By

The Smart Ticketing In-Depth Focus in Intelligent Transport Issue 2 2023 features articles from an Intelligent Transport Advisory Board member and Arriva UK Trains discussing the benefits and challenges of implementing new payment technologies in public transport systems and the potential that data-driven ticketing insights have in informing strategic decision-making…

Intelligent Transport Issue 2 2023

30 May 2023 | By

In Issue 2 2023 of Intelligent Transport, we feature exclusive content from leading industry experts and thought leaders discussing: forming prosperous communities through improved transport equity; revolutionising transport and empowering operators with smart ticketing; marketing MaaS to improve awareness and increase adoption; and plenty more.