McLaren Applied connects fleets to the future with F1 connectivity technology

Posted: 5 June 2023 | | No comments yet

Over three decades at the cutting edge of motorsport has given McLaren Applied unique experience in the field of performance electronics. Now, the company’s championship-winning technology is available to fleet operators, providing the game-changing opportunities that reliable, high-bandwidth data connections enable.

McLaren Applied connects fleets to the future with F1 connectivity technology

Credit: McLaren Applied

As the roll-OUT of 5G, Internet of Things (IoT), Software-Defined-Vehicles (SDVs) and autonomous systems converge to trigger a connectivity revolution, the opportunities available to managers of vehicle fleets equipped with next generation connectivity solutions are vast.

Moving vehicle operators can find remarkable time and cost savings in the provision of a reliable uplink for real-time remote monitoring, vehicle diagnostics, fleet optimisation, tracking and management, for example, while a dependable, high-bandwidth Wi-Fi connection will enable transit passengers to enjoy the more comfortable, productive journeys that they have come to expect.

While current solutions demand complex installation and multiple components to deliver patchy connectivity and limited bandwidth, McLaren Applied’s Halo 300 is not only smaller, lighter and more durable than many existing alternatives, but combines advanced hardware and software innovations to revolutionise fleet connectivity in an all-in-one device.

Halo 300’s 5G intelligent edge antenna provides significantly improved performance versus traditional solutions, with built-in edge computing capability, eSIM technology, dual modems and Wi-Fi allowing it to simultaneously connect to any data network providers at any given time. A CANBUS interface, optional micro location technology and the ability to support additional applications offer futureproof expandability, greatly reduced energy consumption and lower maintenance.

The remarkable performance and reliability of this state-of-the-art hardware provides the foundation upon which McLaren Applied’s revolutionary Formula 1-derived Fleet Connect software performs. Fleet Connect enables true multi-network, multi-signal aggregation by using multiple cellular data networks and optional Wi-Fi networks within range to allow zero or near zero disruption in service.

Using McLaren Applied’s patented aggregation process to rapidly switch between the strongest network signal providers at any given moment, split the transmitted data across these networks in real-time and reassemble it in the cloud enroute to its destination, Fleet Connect delivers far better performance than conventional alternatives.

Already proven in industries from racing to rail, the technology has been put to the test in applications as diverse as providing seamless data transmission from over 1,500 sensors on a 200mph Formula 1 car travelling around the signal-dense environment of a race-day circuit, to enabling uninterrupted Wi-Fi for train passengers travelling the length and breadth of the UK.

By reducing blackspots and providing a consistent high-bandwidth connectivity stream in a compact and convenient package, McLaren Applied’s Halo 300 5G intelligent edge antenna technology and proprietary Fleet Connect software is now ready to offer the same invaluable connective ability to fleets of all industries, shapes and sizes around the world. 

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