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Traffic Management



Driving MaaS for sustainable and efficient transport in cities

21 March 2024 | By

Mobility-as-a-Service continues to evolve rapidly, revolutionising the way that people navigate urban environments. By integrating various transportation services into a single platform, MaaS enables the offering of seamless, convenient and often cost-effective mobility solutions. For Intelligent Transport, Mariusz Zabrocki, UK General Manager at FREENOW, shares his thoughts on how MaaS…


In-Depth Focus: 5G & Connectivity

5 December 2023 | By

Intelligent Transport Issue 4 2023’s 5G & Connectivity In-Depth Focus features articles from Transport for Greater Manchester and McLaren Applied discussing how 5G and digital connectivity solutions are revolutionising the way that we manage transportation and enhance the overall mobility experience, and how innovations in motorsport are helping to reshape public transport connectivity.


Revolutionising mobility: Exploring the future of microtransit

4 December 2023 | By Uber Transit

Join this webinar to hear from leading industry experts as they share their exclusive insight into successful microtransit schemes, whilst also considering what the barriers are to implementation, how the solution can tackle transit deserts and what the future of microtransit may look like.


Intelligent Transport Issue 4 2023

4 December 2023 | By

In the final print issue of Intelligent Transport, we feature exclusive content from leading industry experts and thought leaders discussing: the evolving landscape of Mobility‑as‑a‑Service and its transformative impact on urban transportation; how 5G and digital connectivity solutions are revolutionising the way that we manage transportation and enhance the overall…