TIER Mobility and Dott complete merger, marking creation of TIER-Dott

Posted: 26 March 2024 | | No comments yet

Following a preliminary agreement announcement in January 2024, the merger of micro-mobility companies TIER and Dott is now complete, with the new company assuming the name TIER-Dott.

TIER Mobility and Dott merger completes, marking creation of TIER-Dott

Credit: Dott

TIER Mobility and Dott have announced the closing of a financial transaction to merge the two companies, as announced in January 2024. 

Following the closing of the transaction, teams across TIER and Dott will be progressively integrated, with details of the new strategy yet to be announced.

Henri Moissinac, previously the CEO and Co-Founder of Dott and now CEO of TIER-Dott, said: “The closing of this transaction marks the start of an exciting new chapter for both TIER and Dott. We are focused on uniting our teams under the goal of running responsible operations for users, cities and the environment, helping to lower car use by offering a reliable and sustainable alternative.”

Riders can continue to access TIER and Dott vehicles through their respective apps for now, with more convergence possible in the future.

On 10 January 2024, TIER and Dott announced a preliminary agreement to bring the two companies together, combining expertise to provide riders and cities with a safe and reliable service. With operations in major global cities – including Berlin, Brussels, Dubai, Helsinki, London, Madrid, Paris, Rome, Tel Aviv and Warsaw – the business will be well positioned to be profitable and support the transition to more sustainable transport. 

The Berlin headquartered company will benefit from the experience of the founders and leadership from both TIER and Dott: Lawrence Leuschner as Chairman, Henri Moissinac as Chief Executive Officer, Maxim Romain as Chief Operating Officer and Alex Gayer as Chief Financial Officer. 

The new team is united in its goal to run responsible operations in every city: 

  • For users: providing a reliable service that citizens love for their everyday life
  • For cities: supporting city goals for sustainable transport, with respectful integration into the public space 
  • For the environment: offering a more environmentally-friendly service, with low emissions and a responsible lifecycle approach.

The new combined company will be dedicated to providing more sustainable transport options, to reduce congestion and pollution in urban areas. Its mission is to lower car use by offering users a reliable and efficient service, well integrated with public transport and with minimal environmental impact. The new entity will combine the market-leading expertise from both operating models and incorporate the advanced technology from each service.

Lawrence Leuschner, previously the Co-Founder and CEO of TIER Mobility and now Chairman of TIER-Dott, said: “I am delighted to join forces with Dott, further strengthening our position as the European micro-mobility champion and marking the next phase in the development of the industry. We are united by a shared vision of cities with more sustainable transport options and fewer cars, and we are committed to helping users and cities to make this a reality. With an expanded footprint and combined expertise, I look forward to providing a record number of rides in 2024.”

Moissinac added: “We are very optimistic about the future of shared micro-mobility. Cities are adapting to reduce car dependency, and encouraging people to make sustainable transport choices. We have built a service that users love, operated in a responsible way. By bringing TIER and Dott together, we are well positioned to capture the next phase of growth and further accelerate our path to profitability. We are creating the European champion that will provide the best experience to our users, carefully integrated into the cities we operate in.”