North Northamptonshire e-scooter users surpass two million miles

Posted: 7 May 2024 | | No comments yet

Residents of North Northamptonshire have collectively travelled over two million miles on Voi rental e-scooters since December 2020, demonstrating a growing preference for eco-friendly commuting options in the region.

North Northamptonshire e-scooter users surpass two million miles

Credit: Voi Technology

Voi Technology has announced that residents of North Northamptonshire have collectively travelled over two million miles on its rental e-scooters since the launch of the trial in December 2020, marking a notable shift towards alternative transportation methods in the region.

The e-scooter trial, which initially began in Kettering and later expanded across North Northants, has seen significant adoption with more than 48,000 people registered on the Voi platform. Users are leveraging e-scooters for commuting to work and education, running errands and recreational outings, leading to a reduction in car journeys and associated emissions.

James Bolton, General Manager of Voi UK, highlighted the increasing popularity of the e-scooter scheme, stating: “The trial has grown in popularity, with more and more people choosing to use scooters for short trips to work, socialising, shopping, appointments and education.”

The adoption of e-scooters in north Northamptonshire is estimated to have replaced around 600,000 car journeys, resulting in an estimated reduction of approximately 233 tonnes of CO2 emissions.

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Councillor Matt Binley, Executive Member for Highways, Travel and Assets at North Northamptonshire Council, said: “We passed the one million mark in March 2023, so it is great to hear that the two million mile mark has been passed just over a year later. This clearly shows that the e-scooter scheme is rising in popularity in North Northants which has such a benefit to the environment, as well as helping reduce the car traffic and making additional work places accessible.”

In addition to promoting eco-friendly travel, Voi has introduced inclusive measures such as “Voi for All” discounts, offering reduced fares to individuals on low incomes, disabled persons and seniors to enhance accessibility to sustainable transportation.

As North Northamptonshire celebrates this milestone in e-scooter adoption, efforts continue to ensure the safety and efficiency of this evolving transportation solution in collaboration with Voi. The success of the trial reflects a growing interest in innovative, sustainable mobility options within urban areas.