Voi Technology launches next-generation e-bikes in Liverpool

Posted: 3 April 2024 | | No comments yet

Voi introduces the new Explorer 3 e-bike model in Liverpool, aiming to provide a more comfortable and environmentally friendly transportation option for city residents.

Voi Technology launches next-generation e-bikes in Liverpool

Credit: Voi Technology

Voi Technology, a prominent provider of shared e-bikes, has announced that it has unveiled its latest model, the Voi Explorer 3, in Liverpool. This upgraded e-bike aims to improve the riding experience while promoting environmentally friendly transportation options throughout the city.

The Voi Explorer 3 features advancements geared towards enhancing user comfort and safety. Automatic gear shifting adapts to various riding conditions, promising a smoother journey for riders. In addition, a dual kickstand facilitates convenient parking and ensures bike stability when not in use, prioritising both safety and accessibility.

Designed with inclusivity in mind, the Explorer 3 boasts a low step-through frame and an adjustable unisex seat to accommodate riders of all sizes and preferences. Furthermore, safety features such as non-slip tires, a robust braking system and front and rear lights contribute to a safer riding environment.

In alignment with Voi’s sustainability initiatives, the new e-bike model introduces a swappable battery system compatible with the company’s e-scooters. This feature aims to reduce energy consumption and minimise the carbon footprint associated with transportation services. Since the introduction of Voi’s e-bikes and e-scooters in Liverpool, they have collectively replaced over 1.9 million car journeys, leading to a substantial reduction in CO2 emissions.

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Jack Samler, Voi General Manager for the UK, Ireland, and France, said: “We’re delighted to roll-out our very latest e-bike to people in Liverpool who can now benefit from a safe, convenient, environmentally friendly and affordable way to get around the city 24 hours a day.”

As part of Voi’s efforts to promote inclusive mobility, the company offers discounted travel through its “Voi for All” initiative. This programme aims to make transportation more accessible to individuals on low incomes, including refugees, asylum seekers, disabled persons and individuals over 65.

With the introduction of the Voi Explorer 3, Liverpool residents can explore sustainable transportation options that contribute to a cleaner and healthier urban environment.

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