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Roundtable: Exploring the power of contactless and open-loop payment systems in delivering a seamless ticketing experience

13 December 2023 | By

This ‘roundtable’ brings together key industry personnel and those passionate about sharing their opinions on ticketing and payments to explore the transformative effects of new technologies – such as contactless and open-loop payment systems – within the ticketing space. With an aim to enhance the commuter experience, improve operational efficiency…


The tech-driven roads of tomorrow: Advancing safety, efficiency and sustainability in the road ecosystem

1 August 2023 | By

"The impact of AV technology on road safety is truly exciting, bringing both remarkable advancements and important challenges to address," says Gonzalo Alcaraz, Deputy Director General of the International Road Federation, as he shares his thoughts on how new technologies are impacting the road ecosystem, with a particular focus on…


Intelligent Transport Issue 2 2023

30 May 2023 | By

In Issue 2 2023 of Intelligent Transport, we feature exclusive content from leading industry experts and thought leaders discussing: forming prosperous communities through improved transport equity; revolutionising transport and empowering operators with smart ticketing; marketing MaaS to improve awareness and increase adoption; and plenty more.


How data is being used to improve transport customer outcomes

26 April 2023 | By

To learn more about how transport authorities and operators are using data to improve their services as well as how data can be used to improve transport accessibility outcomes, watch our live panel discussion to hear from industry experts and accessibility advocates about how they’re using data to improve their…


In-Depth Focus: 5G & Connectivity

7 December 2022 | By

The 5G & Connectivity In-Depth Focus in Intelligent Transport Issue 4 2022 features articles from Connected Places Catapult and McLaren Applied discussing the significance of 5G connectivity in the public transport sphere and how its implementation can lead to greater innovation and efficiency.