Making the most of your on-bus Wi-Fi networks

On-bus Wi-Fi networks can do more than you think to deliver more value than you realise. Find out more from Teldat about how to get the most from your infrastructure.

Making the most of your on-bus Wi-Fi networks

As with every other form of public transport, telecommunications are an essential aspect of fleet management. With the introduction of bus-to-ground communications, operators have been able to dramatically improve control of their vehicle assets – and the service offered to passengers.

On-board Wi-Fi has facilitated the roll-out of enhanced security safeguards, for instance. Video surveillance is now commonplace, with wireless connectivity allowing feeds to be viewed and captured in real-time at a central monitoring station, for instance. These feeds can even be accessed by nearby police vehicles to monitor and assess on-board security.

As Wi-Fi technology evolves, so too has the range of potential applications. Operators can now deliver electronic/mobile ticketing or dynamic marketing, for instance. And, as mobile bandwidth increases, bus operators have been able to offer on-board internet access for their customers, either for free or as a paid upgrade to the fare.

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