Intelligent Transport Issue 4 2023

In the final print issue of Intelligent Transport, we feature exclusive content from leading industry experts and thought leaders discussing: the evolving landscape of Mobility‑as‑a‑Service and its transformative impact on urban transportation; how 5G and digital connectivity solutions are revolutionising the way that we manage transportation and enhance the overall mobility experience; the multifaceted challenges and opportunities that lie ahead for the rapidly evolving mobility sector and plenty more.

Intelligent Transport Issue 4 2023

Editor’s welcome

Leah Hockley Intelligent TransportBecoming a healthier, happier and smarter planet

There is no doubt that, despite how technologically-driven the world has already become, there are still many ways in which technology will continue to develop and, subsequently, its adoption will only continue to increase. Whilst this fact often raises the question of whether or not extensively utilising technology is always the right thing to do – particularly in recent months, during which the increased use of artificial intelligence has caused a significant amount of public discourse – it is undeniable that technology heralds a way to become smarter, more sustainable and more efficient.

The public transport and mobility industries have already acknowledged this and now, everywhere you look, technology is having some kind of impact. Whether that be through more obvious innovations, such as the increased adoption of e-mobility and its related infrastructure, or through more subtle developments, such as intelligent data collection supporting congestion reduction efforts, the power of this progress is immeasurable.

In this edition, we’re excited to bring you an engaging compilation of articles, interviews and features that offer a deep dive into the dynamic realm of transportation and mobility. Our curated selection of topics spans Mobility-as-a-Service, artificial intelligence, e-mobility, 5G & connectivity, transport data and plenty more, providing you with a comprehensive view of the driving forces that are shaping the industry.

For this issue, we have taken the opportunity to focus on the progress that the public transport industry has made with bus electrification, with a spotlight on India and Australia, within our E-Mobility In-Depth Focus, which you can find beginning on Page 12. Then, beginning on Page 44, our authors take a moment to consider the impact of digital connectivity in transportation within our 5G & Connectivity In-Depth Focus, highlighting the ways in which increased connectivity can empower transport to become an ever better version of itself.

Finally, it is within this welcome that I also wish to announce that this issue of Intelligent Transport marks the final volume of our print magazine. From our origins as Eurotransport 20 years ago, through to our rebrand as Intelligent Transport, my predecessors and I have worked to bring you a wide range of content from across the globe, discussing the latest and most insightful work that the public transport and mobility industries have been undertaking. I’m sure that I can speak for both myself and all those who came before me in saying that it has been an absolute pleasure working with all of our fantastic contributors and sponsors to create a valuable resource for everyone who has ever received or picked up a copy of our magazine, and we hope that it has been an equally enjoyable and knowledgeable experience for anyone who has ever flicked through our pages.

However, as the world continues to increasingly favour digital offerings, and as it becomes more important than ever to prioritise sustainable practices, the team at Intelligent Transport has collectively made the decision to move to being an exclusively digital band. We have always promised to grow and move with the industry that we work within and, as public transport adapts to become more intelligent, we must also do the same. For it is for all of you that we create the content that we do, and so we must make sure to create it in the way that you wish to consume it!

So, for the final time in our printed offering, thank you for joining us on this insightful journey through the world of transportation and mobility. We hope that you find inspiration and valuable insights within these pages. And, as we officially move to being an exclusively digital brand, make sure to stay up-to-date with all of the latest public transport developments by visiting the Intelligent Transport website, and don’t forget to subscribe to make sure that you don’t miss out!  


Included within this issue:

    Brieuc de Meeûs’ story, CEO of STIB-MIVB
    Defining Mobility-as-a-Service: Its benefits, challenges and sustainable potential
     – Sebastian Wolf, Project Lead – Jelbi App at Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe (BVG)
    Looking back at 2023’s Transport Innovation Summit
     – Halimah Haque, Editorial Assistant at Intelligent Transport
    VTX Air: Transforming air quality monitoring for local authorities
     – Vortex
    Artificial intelligence: The new tool to make safe transportation accessible to all
     – Carlos Herrera Yagüe, Chief Technology Officer at Cabify
    The transformative impact of AI-based traffic data on London’s transportation landscape
     – Martin Obee, Principal Transport Analyst at Transport for London (TfL)
    Geospatial innovation in action: Enhancing public transport services in the West Midlands through collaboration between TfWM and ESRI
     – Anne Shaw, Executive Director at Transport for West Midlands (TfWM)
    – Rupa Nandy, Head of UITP India
    – Edward Wright, Manager of Metro Fleet & Infrastructure at Auckland Transport
    – Adrian Meissner, Key Account Manager at INIT
    – Jean Ruestman, Administrator of the Office of Passenger Transportation at the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT)
    – Steven Russell, Innovation Manager at Stagecoach Bus
    – Sam Li, Senior Innovation Officer at Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM)
    – Pablo Garcia Lopez, Director – Connected Intelligence at McLaren Applied.


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