In-Depth Focus: 5G & Connectivity

Intelligent Transport Issue 4 2023’s 5G & Connectivity In-Depth Focus features articles from Transport for Greater Manchester and McLaren Applied discussing how 5G and digital connectivity solutions are revolutionising the way that we manage transportation and enhance the overall mobility experience, and how innovations in motorsport are helping to reshape public transport connectivity.

IT Issue 4 2023 - IDFs 5G

Included in this 5G & Connectivity In-Depth Focus, which was first published in Issue 4 2023:

  • The evolving landscape of 5G and digital connectivity in smart cities 
    For Intelligent Transport, Sam Li, Senior Innovation Officer at Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM), provides an insightful perspective on how 5G and digital connectivity solutions are revolutionising the way that we manage transportation and enhance the overall mobility experience.
  • Connecting the dots: How McLaren Applied revolutionised connectivity in public transport
    Pablo Garcia Lopez, Director – Connected Intelligence at McLaren Applied, sat down with Intelligent Transport’s Halimah Haque to discuss how the company’s motorsport expertise is reshaping public transport connectivity, improving real-time data and enhancing passenger experience with innovative software and hardware solutions.

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