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Creating a smarter and more sustainable city: The role of artificial intelligence and open data

25 April 2023 | By

Angelos Chronis, Head of the City Intelligence Lab at the AIT Austrian Institute of Technology (AIT), sat down with Intelligent Transport’s Leah Hockley to discuss the role of new digital technologies in supporting intelligent and interactive decision making, and shared exclusive insight into his work with artificial intelligence and open…

Do shared scooters have a place in future cities?

12 April 2023 | By

Dmitri Pivovarov, Vice President for Rentals at Bolt, considers how the April 2023 Paris referendum, in which citizens voted against the continued presence of shared scooters in the city, highlights the limitations of competitive tenders within the micro-mobility industry and shares his thoughts on the benefits of a free market…

We need to think differently about transport

4 April 2023 | By

Peter Griffiths, Global Urban Futurist at BABLE, discusses the immense potential that neurodiverse people have to thrive within the transport sector and explains why it is necessary for companies to focus more on creating urban environments, transport infrastructure and places of work that are accommodating to all types of needs…