Europe embraces digital demand-responsive transport as a long-term solution

Posted: 17 May 2023 | | No comments yet

Rather than a ‘pilot’ or ‘trial’ program lasting for just a few months or so, digital demand-responsive transport (DDRT) has become a core part of how communities move in the long run across Europe. And, it’s expanding.

DDRT - Via asset 3

The future of public transport is tech-enabled, with data showing digital demand-responsive transport (DDRT) becoming mainstream in Europe. DDRT is no longer a pilot program, and the average service term has increased to 20+ months, according to a recent survey.

One of the benefits of DDRT is that it offers a convenient alternative to private car travel in areas where traditional bus headways can exceed 60 minutes. 

With significant expansion across Europe, DDRT is expected to be ingrained into more transport ecosystems throughout 2023.




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