First Bus depot in York eliminates diesel refuelling tank

Posted: 25 June 2024 | | No comments yet

First Bus depot in York has made history by removing its diesel refuelling tank, becoming the first in Yorkshire to operate solely with an electric fleet, significantly reducing carbon emissions.

First Bus depot in York eliminates diesel refuelling tank

Credit: First Bus

In a pioneering move, First Bus has announced that it has permanently removed its diesel refuelling tank in its depot in York, marking a significant milestone as it transitions to an entirely electric fleet. This change makes it the first bus depot in Yorkshire to operate solely with electric charging.

First York, a major bus operator established in 1932, has historically relied on diesel fuel. The company moved to its current James Street depot over 30 years ago, where it installed a substantial fuel tank weighing 10 tonnes and capable of holding 44,000l of diesel. This amount was sufficient to last the depot a week, necessitating twice-weekly diesel deliveries to maintain supply levels.

Kayleigh Ingham, Commercial Director of First North & West Yorkshire, commented on the transformation, stating, “We’re making history with the removal of our diesel refuelling tank. This is now the first bus depot in Yorkshire to operate its fleet entirely using electric charging. We are leading a greener transport revolution in York and the wider region.”

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The depot now operates 86 zero-emission buses, which collectively save nearly 5,000 tonnes of carbon emissions annually. This initiative is part of a larger £23 million transformation of the depot, supported by a £13 million investment from First Bus and co-funding of £10.2 million from the UK government, secured by the City of York Council.

“This depot is at the forefront of First Bus’s strategy to have a zero-emission fleet nationally by 2035,” added Ingham. “Electric vehicles can attract more people to consider bus travel by realising the real impact this has in creating cleaner air and enjoying a much smoother, quieter ride.”

This development underscores First York’s commitment to sustainable and environmentally friendly public transportation, setting a precedent for other regions to follow in the journey towards greener urban mobility.