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Breaking financial barriers with fare-free services: Offering a more equitable transport system for transit-dependent riders

9 January 2024 | By

After a successful pilot programme, Albuquerque's ABQ RIDE is permanently adopting a fare-free model. The Zero Fares initiative, launched as a result of the challenges brought by COVID-19, resulted in a range of benefits for passengers and the operator alike, and this innovative move reflects Albuquerque's commitment to equitable and…

It’s time we closed the gender ‘pedal gap’

4 January 2024 | By

After Lime's latest report revealed that almost three quarters of UK women never cycle due to a range of barriers, the micro-mobility company set out to find solutions that would help to close the gender 'pedal gap'. For Intelligent Transport, Alice Pleasant, Public Affairs Manager at Lime, shares her exclusive…

Empowering inclusive travel: A collaborative approach to enhancing public transportation experiences in London

2 January 2024 | By

Mark Evers, Chief Customer Officer at Transport for London (TfL), sat down with Intelligent Transport’s Halimah Haque to discuss TfL’s new partnership with the British Institute of Learning Disabilities and People First – which will work to gather insights into the challenges faced by individuals with autism, learning disabilities or…

King County Metro’s vision for a sustainable, inclusive and innovative commuting experience

14 December 2023 | By

Michelle Allison, General Manager of King County Metro, sat down with Intelligent Transport’s Halimah Haque to discuss the agency’s strategies to enhance the passenger experience as it works to revive public transit ridership post-pandemic. By providing a robust service network, improved safety measures, transit ambassadors and technological enhancements, the agency…

Roundtable: Exploring the power of contactless and open-loop payment systems in delivering a seamless ticketing experience

13 December 2023 | By

This ‘roundtable’ brings together key industry personnel and those passionate about sharing their opinions on ticketing and payments to explore the transformative effects of new technologies – such as contactless and open-loop payment systems – within the ticketing space. With an aim to enhance the commuter experience, improve operational efficiency…