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Transport’s journey to net zero: Affordable public transport is vital to foster sustainable travel habits, says Scotland’s Transport Minister

2 December 2022 | By

In the latest instalment of Intelligent Transport’s exclusive sustainable mobility Q&A series, Jenny Gilruth MSP, Scotland’s Minister for Transport, discusses the work that the country is currently undertaking to decarbonise its transport sector, make public transport more accessible and improve active travel infrastructure, as well as why an independent Scotland…

Small steps, big effects: How to get started with MaaS

29 November 2022 | By

Mobility-as-a-Service has officially left the status of individual pilot projects behind and is now making its way into the heart of the transportation industry as a standard practice. However, small- and medium-sized transport companies, in particular, are still reluctant to jump on the bandwagon. In this interview, Stephan Sünderkamp, Chief…

Getting passengers back on-board: Ireland’s National Transport Authority’s road to recovery

28 November 2022 | By

For the latest instalment of Intelligent Transport’s exclusive COVID-19 recovery series, Anne Graham, CEO of Ireland’s National Transport Authority, discusses how investing in service level enhancements and improving value for money on public transport fares has helped to increase the authority’s passenger numbers post-pandemic, as well as why it is…

How to digitalise warehouses and distribution centres

15 November 2022 | By

Find out more from Endava about why, if transportation and logistics businesses don’t embrace their automation initiatives fully, they won’t be able to harness the full potential to increase speed and lower error rates.

Transport’s journey to net zero: Zero-emission buses are vital to decarbonising our industry, says Stagecoach

27 October 2022 | By

For the latest instalment of Intelligent Transport's exclusive sustainable mobility Q&A series, Greg Ritt, Group Head of Sustainability at Stagecoach, discusses the importance of accelerating the transition to zero-emission buses in order to reduce the industry’s carbon emissions, and highlights the challenges that often accompany this, as well as the…

Current challenges in the transportation and logistics industry

25 October 2022 | By

The transportation and logistics industries are under tremendous pressure. However, some of these challenges can be remedied with automation upgrades that are capable of improving both speed and efficiency while contending with staffing challenges and the increasing demand for goods. Find out more from Endava here.