Accelerating emerging professionals and innovation in future transport

The transportation industry is undergoing a transformative phase, driven by innovation. Because of this, there is no better time than now for individuals to bring forward their fresh ideas in order to drive progress and industry-wide improvements. Here, the Future Transport Visions Group’s Deni Krevesic highlights the importance of offering early-career professionals their time to shine and discusses how they can harness competitive opportunities in order to bring their proposals to the forefront.

Accelerating emerging professionals and innovation in future transport

The Future Transport Visions Group (FTVG) offers a unique platform for emerging public transport professionals to significantly advance their knowledge and experience, develop new skills and explore new ideas. It is an ideal opportunity for those with less than 10 years of experience in all sectors of the transport industry to embrace their professional growth, supported by several transport industry experts who will provide mentorship and guidance for their projects.

A key objective of FTVG is to encourage collaboration among a diverse range of early career professionals from various organisations and geographical locations who share similar interests and ideas. All applicants will be invited to participate in a series of collaborative workshops, which are designed to help form teams and further develop their ideas. The 2024 competition includes six categories, enabling participants to select an area of interest that best suits their professional aspirations. Young professionals are encouraged to express their interest by 26 April 2024.

FTVG workshops

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The FTVG competition roadmap

In May 2024, a series of online collaborative workshops will be organised, designed to spark creativity and bring together like-minded professionals. Whether those involved already have an idea or are still searching for inspiration, the workshops will provide the perfect platform to explore, learn and grow. There are six different topics for participants to choose from, each led by experienced transport professionals who are ready to offer guidance on the FTVG journey:

  • Emerging trends: join Simon Willison and Deni Kresevic to learn about the new trends that are shaping the transport industry and see how boundaries can be moved in the FTVG competition
  • Future transport modes and technologies: learn about the latest innovations with Lawrence Penn and Ransford Acheampong, and find out how innovative ideas can become reality
  • Modelling and appraisal processes: discover the fundamentals of transport planning with Omar Mohsen, and consider how modelling and appraisal play key roles in transport planning for the future
  • Decarbonisation and sustainable transport: explore how Net Zero will be achieved and what the potential solutions are alongside Malcolm Smith and Chigozie Ogualu
  • Engagement and behaviour change: learn how to inspire and influence users to change their travel behaviour from our last competition winner, Gemma Bridge, and Brogan McPherson
  • Intelligent Transport Systems: dive into the world of smart mobility with Mostafa Kazemi.

These workshops will facilitate collaboration among applicants with similar ideas, which will lead to the formation of teams around common transport interests, with the aim of developing projects, papers or products. More information about mentors and their interests and experience can be explored here

FTVG timelines

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Once teams have been established, they can formally apply for funding by submitting an abstract, methodology and estimated costs for their proposed project. Teams that successfully secure funding will have an eight month period to complete their project, supported by a designated mentor with specific expertise in the chosen area of transport. The project is expected to be completed between April and May 2025.

All successful project teams will be invited to present their findings and outcomes at online forums and promote their work to the wider industry. A prize will be awarded for the winning project, judged by the FTVG steering group, which is formed of the most influential transport experts, at a conference in May 2025 – this will also mark the conclusion of the FTVG 2024/2025 competition.

Project selection and award criteria

The selection and awarding of projects are not merely administrative steps, but fundamental decisions that could drive the future of the transport. The FTVG competition has established a comprehensive framework for assessing and funding projects, with the overarching goal of transforming how emerging professionals engage with and influence the transport industry. Projects will be assessed for funding allocations based on primary criteria that align with FTVG’s objectives and vision.

One of the objectives is to represent the interests of a diverse group of young professionals and ensure a tangible evolution from the original Transport Visions Network. Additionally, the initiative seeks to empower these professionals by providing them with a platform to address and influence the critical challenges and opportunities within the transport industry.

Another significant goal is to create a lasting legacy by crafting resources and insights that will benefit future generations of transport professionals. The level of funding required for each project also plays a crucial role in the decision-making process, ensuring that the allocation of resources is both strategic and impactful, encouraging projects that promise real change and innovation in the field of transport.

At the conclusion of the FTVG competition, the project that not only meets but also exceeds FTVG’s objectives and develops the most insightful and impactful project will be nominated for the Outstanding Project Award. This prestigious award will be given to the team whose project embodies the essence of innovation and has made a significant contribution to the transport sector. This recognition is not only a testament to the team’s hard work and dedication, but also serves as an inspiration for other professionals in the field, highlighting the importance of visionary projects and their profound impact on the industry.

Dive into FTVG’s resource page: A hub for transport innovation

Highlighting the type of projects that have been recognised in previous years, FTVG showcases a diverse array of submissions that address various issues and potential solutions in transport. Noteworthy among these is the ‘Gender Equality Toolkit in Transport (GET-IT)‘, which was honoured as the Outstanding Project in 2021, and the 2023 Outstanding Project, ‘Engaging Young People in Consultation’, which showcases the importance of inclusive community engagement in transport planning. These projects, along with other project submissions, highlight the level needed to shape the future of transport through fresh perspectives and collaborative problem-solving. For those interested in exploring these insightful projects further, detailed information and access to the original papers are available on the FTVG’s resource page.

The Future Transport Visions Group is currently accepting expressions of interest for its 2024/2025 competition, which will remain open until 26 April 2024. Applications are open to emerging professionals, both individuals and groups, for funding that could shape the future of the transport industry.

Deni Krevesic FTVGDeni Krevesic is a Chartered Transport Planning Professional (CTPP), a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Highways and Transportation, and a Committee Member of the Future Transport Visions Group (FTVG) with over a decade of experience in the transport industry, providing advice to both public and private sectors. Having worked for various consultancy companies, he has a portfolio of over 100 diverse projects, giving him exposure to transport and development planning, highway design, operation, project and programme management, and policy and strategy development. Deni is passionate about emerging technologies, implementing innovative solutions, and promoting sustainable development in the transport industry.

The Future Transport Visions Group (FTVG) stands as a beacon for innovation and collaboration in the transport sector. It is a volunteer-led research initiative funded by the Rees Jeffreys Road Fund. This annual research and development competition provides a dynamic platform for young transport professionals to explore the ongoing changes and challenges within the transport industry. The initiative offers vital funding for the research and development of emerging professionals and fosters an environment of collaboration. This enables participants to meet, network, brainstorm and form project groups that are eager to research and tackle pressing transport challenges. With the support of appointed Executive and Committee Members, as well as a Steering Group, FTVG helps to bring these ideas to fruition, evaluating the impacts of each project and awarding the most outstanding ones. This programme emphasises a commitment to promoting the next generation of transportation professionals, equipping them to address complex current challenges.

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