Intelligent Transport Issue 3 2022

In the latest issue of Intelligent Transport, we feature exclusive content from leading industry experts and thought leaders discussing: what the future of mobility may look like; how e-mobility can drive a more sustainable transport industry forward; and why on-demand and Demand-Responsive Transport should be a key part of urban and rural mobility networks; and plenty more.

Intelligent Transport Issue 3 2022

Editor’s Welcome

Leah Hockley Intelligent TransportLooking to the future

Currently, there are two main priorities with which the public transport industry is most concerned with: firstly, getting passengers back on-board post-pandemic; and, secondly, reducing emissions in line with ambitious climate targets. Though these seem like two very different duties – with one aimed at increasing revenue and the other aimed at decreasing fossil fuel reliance – they are not, in fact, mutually exclusive. Ultimately, achieving both of these missions will help to accomplish the same goal: to make travelling more sustainable.

In this issue of Intelligent Transport, some of our authors have taken the opportunity to consider the importance of encouraging people out of their private cars and instead onto public transport and shared mobility, whilst highlighting the ways in which the industry is adapting in order to offer more attractive and efficient services to their passengers. Further to this, our E-mobility Roundtable (beginning on Page 26), as well as a selection of other valued contributions, have spotlighted the industry’s efforts to adopt alternative power and more sustainable operations in order to reduce emissions and contribute to global efforts as the impacts of climate change become increasingly more obvious.

Finally, within this issue, we have brought together a range of industry experts to share their thoughts on what the future of the mobility industry may look like, as they offer their predictions for what is to come over the next five years. With the theme of this year’s InnoTrans 2022 being ‘the future of mobility’, it seemed like there would be no better opportunity than now to peer into the crystal ball and consider what the future may hold. Find this insightful supplement on Page 17.

Included within this issue:

    Putting people and the planet at the heart of urban mobility
     – Marla Westervelt, Vice President of Policy, Coalition for Reimagined Mobility (ReMo)
    Stratio and Keolis Group
    The potential of modular electric vehicles for sustainable urban freight transport
    – Salvador Ruiz, Product Manager – Commercial Vehicles, IDIADA Applus+
    – Victor Desmots, Assistant Project Coordinator, IDIADA Applus+
    – Lamberto Salvan, Business Development Manager, Alkè
    – Ignacio Magallón, Senior Consultant & Team Lead, Bax & Company
    – Albert Gragera (PhD), Future Mobility Consultant, Bax & Company
    – Samuel Rouquette, Innovation Consultant, Bax & Company
    Enhancing public transport using autonomous vehicle technology
     – William Levassor, COO – Autonomous Mobility, Transdev
    Transport for London is here to support you on your accessible journeys
     – Tricia Wright, Chief People Officer, Transport for London (TfL)
  • DATA
    Connecting people and places through data-driven urban mobility
     – Meera Nayyar, Head of Open Data, Travel and Environment Data and Statistics, Department for Transport (DfT)
  • INNOTRANS 2022
    InnoTrans 2022: The future of mobility
    – John Andoh, Mass Transit Administrator & General Manager, County of Hawai’i Mass Transit Agency (Hele-On)
    – Georgia Corr, Public Policy Manager – UK and Ireland, Lime
    – Sara Davidson, Senior Technical Lead – Emerging Technologies & Innovative Mobility, Intelligent Transportation Society of America (ITS America)
    – Kammy Horne, Senior Vice President – Development, VIA Metropolitan Transit
    – Michael Kodransky, U.S. Director, Institute for Transportation & Development Policy (ITDP)
    – Steve Longman, Mobility-as-a-Service Project Manager, Solent Transport
    – Marla Westervelt, Vice President of Policy, Coalition for Reimagined Mobility (ReMo)
    – Georgia Yexley, General Manager – UK & Ireland, TIER Mobility
    – Jon Eardley, Abellio London Bus
    – Adrian Meissner, INIT
    – Toralf Müller, Verkehrsbetriebe Hamburg‑Holstein GmbH (VHH)
    – Ben Robinson Drawbridge, Greater Wellington
    – Mayor Gavin Buckley, City of Annapolis
    – Boy Hendriks, Transdev Netherlands
    – Katherine Conrad, NEORide