Intelligent Transport Issue 1 2023

In the first 2023 issue of Intelligent Transport, we feature exclusive content from leading industry experts and thought leaders discussing: building transit systems around people; returning cities to their rightful owners; connecting people through accessible, equitable and inclusive mobility; and plenty more.

Intelligent Transport Issue 1 2023

Editor’s welcome

Leah Hockley Intelligent Transport

Actions speak louder than words

There has never been a more important time for the public transportation industry than now. Facing strict emission reduction targets and a continued struggle to bring passengers back to their networks, it is essential that public transport operators – with the support of public transport authorities and agencies, as well as cities, councils and governments – innovate at a rapid pace in order to make services as appealing and environmentally friendly as possible.

In our first issue of 2023, our authors have highlighted exactly how the industry is acting in order to achieve what it needs to. On Page 31, you will find an insightful article from Cabify’s David Pérez, who considers how operators and cities must work together to adapt in order to become more sustainable and better suited to the people that live within them. Or, on Page 27, learn about how Metro Istanbul is implementing a range of technological developments – both big and small – to better serve its passengers and encourage modal shift.

Within this issue, there is also particular focus on the main thing that keeps the industry moving: its people. Often overlooked in favour of the allure of new technologies and developments, the public transport sector is finally beginning to realise that its workforce is the key to ensuring that networks best serve their passengers. Many of the authors within this issue discuss the importance of their employees, but our Workforce Diversity & Inclusivity In-Depth Focus, which begins on Page 8, shines a spotlight on how the industry can develop in order to better support its workers, which subsequently means that passengers are better supported, too.

Finally, this first 2023 issue marks the beginning of two new and exclusive series that will become recurring features within our magazine: our new Mayors’ Series, and our exclusive ‘The people behind the wheel’ series, which can also be found continuing online. By turning this page, you will be able to find both insightful articles in succession, and make sure to subscribe to future issues to remain up-to-date with the latest contributions!

Included within this issue:

    Gold Coast City Transport Strategy 2041: A vision for sustainable transportation
     – Tom Tate, Mayor of the City of Gold Coast
    Gia Biagi’s story, Chicago Department of Transportation
    Mobil-Lux 2023
    Returning cities to their rightful owners
     – David Pérez, Senior Vice President of Stakeholder Relations at Cabify
    Regulating micro-mobility based on incomplete data sets?
     – Welmoed Neijmeijer, Co-Chair of Micro-Mobility for Europe and Head of Public Policy – Micromobility & Carsharing at Bolt
     – Sebastian Schlebusch, Head of Market Development at Dott
    Local authorities are working with Uber to fight suburban and rural isolation using a hybrid DRT approach
     – Jonna Heikkinen, Public Transit Lead – EMEA at Uber
    – Carolyn Giles, Head of People & Operations at Go South West
    – Nichole Gladney, Vice President of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at Keolis North America
    – Zoey Hudson, Head of Talent, Diversity and Inclusion at Govia Thameslink Railway
    – Russell Arnold, Chief Customer Experience Officer at Sound Transit
    – Ozgur Soy, General Manager of Metro Istanbul
    – Yogesh Anand, Executive Sponsor and Delivery Executive for the National Ticketing Solution programme at the Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency
    – Emily Meaux, Executive Director, and Lacey Everett, Chair of the Board of Directors, at the IndyGo Foundation.