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Issue 3 2017


Enabling scientific research for inner-city spaces

21 August 2017 | By

Professor Nick Tyler, the Chadwick Professor of Civil Engineering at UCL, tells Eurotransport how the Pedestrian Accessibility Movement & Environment Laboratory (PAMELA) can be used by organisations, like the London Underground, to practically test their theories on accessibility before committing to a huge investment.

Seamless travel…dream or reality?

23 June 2017 | By

Public transport operators face numerous challenges to incorporating smart payment technologies to their systems. Laurent Cremer, Executive Director of the OSPT Alliance, explores the options available to both vendors and operators in pursuit of offering the ultimate in passenger convenience: seamless travel.

Issue #3 2017 – Digital version

12 June 2017 | By

Featured in Issue #3 2017: An interview with Umberto Guida, UITP; The future of autonomous public transport in the UK; Maintaining Prague Metro's tracks; Ticketing and Payment Technology In-Depth Focus; The evolution of intermodality in Madrid; Don't forget the passenger; Bus & Tram In-Depth Focus; and much more...

Bus & Tram In-Depth Focus 2017

12 June 2017 | By

In this Bus & Tram In-Depth Focus: Fuel cell buses - A flexible, zero-emission solution; ‘BusConnects’ - Improving services in Dublin; and Investing in change and laying foundations for the future...

The future of autonomous public transport in the UK

11 June 2017 | By

The Automotive industry is on the verge of one of the most disruptive changes since its first introduction about 100 years ago. The synergetic effect of four technology enablers, so-called: Electrification, Smartness, Autonomy and Connectivity, are going to change transportation systems forever. By most estimates, fully autonomous vehicles are to…

Maintaining Prague Metro’s tracks

11 June 2017 | By

In this article for Intelligent Transport, Ondřej Krulikovský, Head of Service of Buildings and Tracks at Prague Public Transit Company (DPP), describes the standard maintenance work that takes place on Prague Metro’s rail superstructure, which encompasses ongoing renewal and improvement to the track system. He explains the key activities that…

The evolution of intermodality in Madrid

11 June 2017 | By

Javier Aldecoa, Transport Interchanges Project Manager at the Transport Authority of Madrid (CRTM) gives an overview of Madrid’s inter modal transport evolution, illustrating the journey from the city’s original main ‘gate’ hubs to its current network interchanges.