Bus & Tram In-Depth Focus 2017

Posted: 12 June 2017 | Intelligent Transport | 2 comments

In this Bus & Tram In-Depth Focus: Fuel cell buses – A flexible, zero-emission solution; ‘BusConnects’ – Improving services in Dublin; and Investing in change and laying foundations for the future…

Bus & Tram 3 2017

In our latest free-to-view Bus & Tram In-Depth Focus:

  • Fuel cell buses: A flexible, zero-emission transport solution
    Sabrine Skiker, EU Policy Manager, Hydrogen Europe and Michael Dolman, Principal Consultant, Element Energy
  • ‘BusConnects’: Improving bus services in Dublin – sooner rather than later
    Tim Gaston, Director, Public Transport Services, National Transport Authority (NTA)
  • Investing in change and laying foundations for future
    Jane Cole, Managing Director, Blackpool Transport

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2 responses to “Bus & Tram In-Depth Focus 2017”

  1. David Connolly says:

    When I click on the View>> button on this web-page I get a message:
    ‘Sorry there appears to be a problem. This publication is not registered to be used on this domain’

    Can you let me know how I can read the relevant articles (after logging in)


    David C

    • Nicholas Jackson says:

      Hi David, huge apologies, the problem has now been fixed, so please try again and you should be able to read the supplement.

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