Blue Duck to trial e-scooter tracking technology in Dublin

Posted: 16 December 2019 |

Currently, e-scooters are prohibited from public roads in Ireland, but Blue Duck is allegedly the first e-scooter company to enter an agreement to operate in the country.

Blue Duck to trial e-scooter tracking technology in Dublin

Credit: Blue Duck

Blue Duck, a San Antonio-based operator of e-scooters, has announced a joint venture with Dublin-based Luna, a consortium of European mobility companies, and Dublin City University to pilot Luna’s centimetre-level GPS technology.

Luna is a telematic device which aims to enable scooter operators to pinpoint the location of their scooters with an accuracy of five centimetres, with current technology reportedly measuring in metres.

Blue Duck CEO, Michael Keane, said: “We were excited to learn about Luna’s centimetre-level GPS technology when it was announced two months ago. That level of precision would allow us to locate our scooters more efficiently and would lead to stricter compliance with geofencing requirements. A successful outcome of this pilot test could lead to significant enhancements to our ability to manage our fleets responsibly while providing exceptional service to our partners and riders.”

“We are delighted to have already found a pilot partner, particularly one which is so focused on fleet management,” added Luna CEO, Andrew Fleury. “Our partnership with Blue Duck will generate invaluable data which aims to inform policy here in Ireland and once commercially launched, will hopefully pave a path towards the adoption of this form of technology.”