City of Stirling begins trial of Trackless Tram in Australian first

Posted: 27 November 2023 | | No comments yet

The City of Stirling is conducting trials for Australia’s first Trackless Tram, a 30m-long vehicle featuring net zero emissions, a speed of 70 km/h and a dedicated lane with traffic light priority.

City of Stirling begins trial of Trackless Tram in Australian first

Credit: City of Stirling

The City of Stirling has announced that it has launched trials for Australia’s first Trackless Tram. The 30m-long vehicle, which had arrived in the city in September 2023, is currently undergoing extensive testing to evaluate its operational capabilities, impact on road surfaces and passenger ride quality. The trial, funded by the Commonwealth Government, aims to assess the viability of this mid-tier transit mode connecting Glendalough Train Station to the popular Scarborough Beach precinct.

The Trackless Tram offers a progressive alternative to traditional buses, featuring several key advantages. Operating as a net zero emission vehicle with electric-charged batteries, it ensures environmental sustainability. With a speed of 70 km/h, the tram can carry up to 150 passengers, guided smoothly by magnetic nails in the road.

Furthermore, the dedicated lane and priority at traffic lights are features that contribute to enhancing efficiency, positioning the Trackless Tram as a promising option compared to existing public transport. Its bi-directional design, eliminating the need to turn around, facilitates easier access to destinations like Scarborough Beach. The spacious interior further adds to its appeal by accommodating diverse needs, ranging from e-rideables to surfboards.

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Mayor Mark Irwin emphasised the importance of gathering community feedback on these services, stating, “It is really important for us to understand what our community thinks about the Trackless Tram as part of this trial. They will be the future users of this public transport system, and we want to know whether this is going to encourage them to make the switch out of their cars and onto the tram to get from the city to the beach.”

The trial, set to conclude at the end of November 2023, aims to provide valuable insights for government and local business stakeholders regarding the implementation of this cutting-edge technology in the Australian context and the potential benefits it could bring. 

“A permanent tram route in the City of Stirling would enable us to achieve a range of positive economic, business, transport and sustainability outcomes – reducing congestion and improving access to employment and tourist destinations,” Mayor Irwin said. “The tram offers a real possibility of getting people to leave their cars at home and use public transport, reducing emissions and making it easier for people to get around.”