Four new bus corridors approved in Dublin

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The approval of four new bus corridors by An Bord Pleanála represents a notable advancement in Ireland’s public transportation infrastructure, aiming to benefit commuters and contribute to environmental sustainability.

Four new bus corridors approved in Dublin

Credit: Dublin Bus

The National Transport Authority (NTA) has announced that Ireland’s independent statutory planning authority, An Bord Pleanála, has given the green light to four new bus corridors as part of the authority ambitious plans to revamp Dublin’s public transportation system. The approval of these corridors signals a pivotal moment in NTA’s ongoing efforts to bolster efficiency and reliability across the city’s bus network.

The newly sanctioned corridors – Clongriffin Scheme, Liffey Valley Scheme, Ballymun Finglas Scheme and Belfield Blackrock Scheme – are strategically tailored to cater to specific transportation needs and facilitate improved connectivity for commuters in Dublin and its surrounding regions.

The Clongriffin Scheme targets the northeast sector of the city, offering a dedicated bus route extending to Clongriffin, an area where demand for dependable public transit options is high. Meanwhile, the Liffey Valley Scheme seeks to optimise bus services in Dublin’s western precinct, forging a vital link between Liffey Valley Shopping Centre and the bustling city centre.

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In the northern district, the Ballymun Finglas Scheme promises enhanced bus connectivity, streamlining routes for commuters and residents. Finally, the Belfield Blackrock Scheme focuses on the south eastern corridor, facilitating expedited travel between Belfield and Blackrock.

Beyond mere convenience, these approved bus corridors are poised to combat congestion and mitigate air pollution in Dublin. By incentivising greater reliance on public transit, the NTA is spearheading a sustainable and environmentally conscious approach to urban transportation.

The approval of these bus corridors marks a significant milestone for public transit in Ireland, with potential benefits for passengers and the environment. As Dublin’s bus network undergoes transformation, the NTA‘s efforts to enhance accessibility and reduce environmental impact could set a positive example for future transit initiatives across the country.

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