Black cab drivers urge London Mayor candidates to prioritise affordable EVs

Posted: 29 April 2024 | | No comments yet

Black cab drivers in London are urging mayoral candidates to prioritise affordable electric vehicle options and improved road access to address industry challenges.

Black cab drivers urge London Mayor candidates to prioritise affordable EVs


In the lead-up to London’s mayoral elections, black cab drivers are intensifying their call for affordable vehicle options, particularly focusing on electric vehicles (EVs), as revealed by recent research conducted by FREENOW UK.

The study underlines the pressing need to alleviate financial strains on drivers, with 94% of respondents indicating that the cost of purchasing or renting a black cab has significantly impacted their finances since entering the taxi industry. Furthermore, 71% of surveyed drivers emphasised the critical importance of providing more affordable vehicle choices for the incoming London Mayor.

One of the central challenges identified in the industry pertains to the adoption of electric vehicles. The study found that nine out of 10 drivers believe making EVs more affordable is crucial for facilitating their transition. Notably, 69% of respondents are already operating EVs, highlighting the growing trend towards cleaner transport options. However, barriers such as the lack of sufficient charging infrastructure remain a hurdle, with 41% of drivers advocating for additional EV charging points across the city.

Road conditions in London also emerged as a major concern among black cab drivers, with 95% agreeing that road quality has deteriorated due to issues like increasing potholes. The study highlights the necessity for policy interventions aimed at improving road maintenance and infrastructure.

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In efforts to enhance customer service, 87% of surveyed drivers emphasised the importance of ensuring access to all Low Traffic Neighbourhoods (LTNs), highlighting the impact on passenger drop-off and pick-up convenience.

Mariusz Zabrocki, General Manager at FREENOW UK, said: “London’s mayoral elections are a significant moment for the black cab industry. We conducted this study to give drivers a voice, highlighting the real issues they face every day. We hope that the winning candidate actively listens to these concerns and takes positive action.”

The push for more sustainable and accessible transport solutions aligns with broader efforts to enhance driver livelihoods and service quality within London’s iconic black cab sector. As the mayoral race intensifies, these issues are poised to take centre stage in shaping the future of London’s taxi landscape.

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