Transport for the North unveils Connected Mobility Strategy for improved passenger journeys

Posted: 2 November 2023 | | No comments yet

Transport for the North’s innovative Connected Mobility Strategy aims to seamlessly integrate different modes of transport for a more passenger-centric and sustainable travel experience.

Group launched in the UK Midlands to develop national smart ticketing system Transport for the North unveils Connected Mobility Strategy for improved passenger journeys

Transport for the North (TfN) has announced that it has launched its innovative Connected Mobility Strategy, designed to create a more seamless and passenger-centric transportation experience throughout the region.

The primary objective of the Connected Mobility Strategy is to foster collaboration among TfN and its various partners to enhance the passenger experience across the North. This involves reducing the duplication of processes, streamlining payment systems and enabling the integration of ticketing across different modes of transportation.

The strategy is structured around three key themes:

  • The future of ticketing: By modernising ticketing processes, TfN aims to make it simpler and more convenient for passengers to access transportation services
  • Data and infrastructure: Investment in digital infrastructure will be pivotal in delivering innovative solutions that enhance the passenger experience
  • Future mobility: The strategy aims to promote sustainable and advanced modes of transportation for the future, reducing congestion and emission.

Immediate priorities within the strategy include supporting multi-modal ticketing schemes and advocating for regional funding to deliver innovative solutions that benefit passengers.

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Martin Tugwell, Chief Executive at Transport for the North, said: “Putting the passenger at the heart of our transport system is central to transforming the North’s transport offering. The strategy will play a key role in transforming connectivity across the North and help create a transport system that meets the demands of the 21st-century passenger.”

Connected Mobility is expected to empower travellers by providing better information and making their journeys more seamless, encouraging the greater use of public transport and contributing to reduced congestion and emissions. It aligns with the vision of creating a greener, more inclusive and better-connected North.

Matt Smallwood, Connected Mobility Manager at Transport for the North, said: “Through the implementation of the Connected Mobility Strategy, we can make the case for clear, evidence-led funding to achieve shared outcomes, which will help realise this ambition and improve passenger experiences across the North.”