RATP Dev survey highlights global passenger demand for improved public transport

Posted: 14 June 2023 | | No comments yet

RATP Dev’s survey highlights the value that passengers place on public transport for its cost-effectiveness, speed and social impact, while also providing valuable insights for RATP Dev to adapt its services in response to evolving needs.

RATP Dev survey highlights global passenger demand for improved public transport

Credit: RATP Dev

RATP Dev has announced the results of a major international survey, revealing that passengers worldwide are seeking more accessible, faster and less crowded public transport. The survey, conducted as part of RATP Dev’s commitment to meeting passenger expectations, emphasises the importance of safety, convenience, accessibility and sustainability. These findings underscore the crucial role of public transport in addressing climate change, enhancing quality of life, and connecting communities.

Francine Velthuizen, Marketing and Innovation Director of RATP Dev, said: “We are thrilled to share the insights from our Global Public Transport Passenger Survey. These findings will guide us in delivering leading passenger experiences and continuously improving their comfort and ease of access to world class public transport.” 

RATP Dev‘s Welcome programme, which is designed to prioritise passenger satisfaction, aligns with the survey results by tailoring its approach to each specific network. The company’s operations encompass a wide range of transportation modes, including subway, bus, tram and urban or intercity rail lines, spanning various locations worldwide.

Through collaboration with organising authorities, RATP Dev’s teams continuously strive to improve network efficiency, promote sustainable practices and prioritise the wellbeing and preferences of passengers.

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In partnership with Kantar, the comprehensive survey involved 7,930 interviews across 11 countries, emphasising the critical role of public transport across markets, even in regions dominated by car ownership. Passengers value public transport for its cost-effectiveness, speed, social impact and contribution to a better quality of life.

Furthermore, the survey revealed that public transport is considered to be a more effective means of reducing the ecological impact of transportation compared to electric cars. Approximately 45% of respondents supported public transport in this regard, while only 36% expressed similar support for electric cars. In addition, respondents in cities such as London and Hong Kong highlighted how public transport opens up the city and enables quick and efficient travel, respectively.

The survey also highlighted distinct priorities between regular and occasional public transport users. However, both groups emphasised the importance of comfort and convenience. Regular passengers desired reliable internet access during their journeys to maximise productivity, while occasional users prioritised convenient and economical pay-as-you-go passes.

RATP Dev will leverage the survey findings to enhance the customer experience, refine services and adapt to evolving passenger needs.