Malta Public Transport sets new passenger record in May 2023

Posted: 12 June 2023 | | No comments yet

Malta Public Transport achieves record-breaking 5.8 million bus passengers in May 2023, indicating a growing preference for sustainable travel and prompting the need for bus priority measures to sustain the positive trend.

Malta Public Transport sets new passenger record in May 2023

Credit: Malta Public Transport

Malta Public Transport has announced that it has achieved a new milestone, as it reports that a record-breaking 5.8 million passengers have travelled by bus across the Maltese islands in May 2023. Surpassing the previous record of 5.7 million passengers in August 2019, this achievement reflects the strengthening confidence in public transportation. 

“The consistent passenger growth is indicative that confidence in public transportation is strengthening. In fact, the percentage of people travelling by bus, when compared to travelling by private car or other modes of transport, has increased to 11% in 2023 from 8% in 2021. This represents a positive modal shift towards public transport,” said Konrad Pulé, General Manager of Malta Public Transport. “It is now becoming critical to sustain this positive trend by introducing bus priority measures that will make journey times shorter and more punctual. This will encourage more people to switch from private cars to the bus.”

Malta Public Transport has also announced the commencement of its Summer service, as of 11 June 2023. This service will offer more frequent buses on busy routes, with an additional 550 bus trips per day. Furthermore, the extended bus service will cater to popular beaches, ensuring convenient transportation options for residents and tourists alike. According to Malta Public Transport, bus stop schedules across the islands are being updated to accommodate these changes.

Passengers have been reminded to access real-time bus arrival information through the free Tallinja app or by scanning QR codes available at each bus stop. Malta Public Transport has stated that by choosing sustainable bus travel, each passenger contributes to reducing traffic congestion and emissions on Maltese roads, positively impacting the environment and the overall transportation system.