Uber to make cash payments safer in Mexico and South America

Posted: 27 November 2020 | | No comments yet

Cash is still king in many Mexican and South American cities, so Uber has teamed up with AU10TIX to offer drivers an identity verification service to improve trust.

paying for a taxi in cash

Many riders in Mexico and South America still pay for their rides in cash.

Uber has partnered with AU10TIX, an identity verification and authentication platform, to implement a programme in cities in Mexico, Argentina and Chile that helps verify the identity of new riders who choose cash as their preferred method of payment.

The new programme requires certain users who request to pay in cash to scan an official identification such as their voting credentials, national ID, passport or driver’s license for verification.

“In the current business climate, more drivers and riders are wanting added reassurance for  cash payment options, and we want to give them that,” says Ron Atzmon, AU10TIX active deputy chairman. “Working together with Uber, we are delivering on this with AU10TIX’s identity document verification technology that provides the reliability, efficiency and scalability required to help provide peace of mind.”

Uber and AU10TIX first partnered in 2019, with Uber’s core ride-share service, and recently expanded their partnership to electric scooters and Uber Eats.

“As COVID-19 has shifted priorities for both Uber and AU10TIX, our partnership with Uber has also evolved,” says Carey O’Connor Kolaja, AU10TIX’s CEO. “Together, we worked on a platform that brings together payment preference and identity verification to prioritise safety for both riders and drivers. We expect this launch to set the stage for us to expand into other countries where Uber is experiencing elevated demand for cash payments.”

Despite a move to contactless transactions in most corners of the world, in no small part down to the COVID-19 pandemic, cash remains king in many South and Central American countries. PYMNTS claims that 90 per cent of transactions in Mexico are still made using cash – eCommerce websites even sell gift cards in stores to facilitate this aspect of Mexican culture.

The partnership between Uber and AU10TIX demonstrates the fact that transport and ride-share companies are tapping into this cultural quirk too, and are thinking about how to improve trust between the drivers and consumers when it comes to cash payments.