Uber Reserve allows riders to book a driver 30 days in advance

The ride-share giant has launched its new service in 21 of the largest cities in the US, which will enable users to book a ride with a specific driver weeks in advance.

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Uber's latest offering will even match riders with their preferred drivers.

Uber will roll out a new service in select US cities next week, as it launches Uber Reserve, which will offer users the opportunity to book a ride from two hours and up to 30 days in advance.

The ride-sharing company says that fares will be presented upfront as usual for Uber Reserve customers, but also, more interestingly that users will be able to match with their preferred drivers. Essentially, if a user has selected a favourite driver in the past then their trip will be offered to that driver first. Uber have also promised an extra 15 minutes of waiting time for Uber Reserve users, as well as on-time pickup guarantee – with a $50 voucher awarded if a ride does not arrive for when it was scheduled to.

Project leads Geoff Tam-Scott and Megha Jain revealed the new venture on a blog post, where they laid out the detail of the project. They wrote: “You’ve also told us that knowing what to expect provides added peace of mind.

“We’ve taken notice, as scheduling trips on Uber has become increasingly popular during these uncertain times. This new ride experience provides you added control over your trip so you can focus on what matters the most.”

They also claim that the launch of Uber Reserve will give drivers more options when it comes to selecting work: “Reserve opens up even more possibilities for drivers to control how they earn on Uber’s platform. With more pre-planned options in addition to on-demand trips, drivers can select from offers that are best suited for their time on the road.

“Reserve requests will be claimed by drivers on a first-come, first-serve basis. And if they don’t wish to commit to Reserve trips, they don’t have to; it’s just one more option.” 

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