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Modeshift Case Study: Monroe Transit System – Monroe, Lousiana

6 July 2022 | By

Read this whitepaper to find out more about how Modeshift launched an account-based fare collection system for Monroe Transit System in less than four months, against the backdrop of the pandemic - which has ultimately transformed the everyday life of MTS riders and has proven a valuable ally in attracting…

Technology and sustainable transport

15 March 2022 | By

In this whitepaper, Liftango highlights how technology has improved the eco-economic sustainability of transport, highlighting a range of case studies that have applied and benefited from tech-enabled transport.

Redefining access to public transport

12 January 2022 | By

Demand-Responsive Transport is reshaping how we engage with public transit, offering flexibility, efficiency and improved access for each passenger. In this whitepaper, Liftango discusses DRT in depth and shares case studies of real-life solutions.