Crime, not art: Preventing vandalism and crime on public transport

Posted: 3 May 2022 | | No comments yet

In this eBook, Milestone Systems highlights the ways in which it can support public transport operators in boosting security, spotting crime patterns and deterring vandalism by using forward-thinking video surveillance strategies, coupled with advanced analytics and other connected devices.

Passenger safety is a top priority for all transport leaders. Mostly, this focuses on reducing violent and aggressive behaviour that threatens passengers and staff. However, managing vandalism and deterring anti-social behaviour is just as important in providing a safe and pleasant environment.

Public transport operators want to deliver the best service and performance for passengers. Graffiti and vandalism give the opposite impression. It can make the public believe that the area is neglected. 

Worse still, graffiti can lead to further crime. It can be an indicator of vulnerabilities that criminals may exploit to commit theft, harm other passengers and sabotage transport services. Plus, research has found that people become more disobedient in environments with high graffiti levels – trespassing, littering and stealing all increase in these areas. Graffiti may also be used by street gangs to mark out territories with specific ‘tags’ or gang markings. Transport organisations may find themselves caught in the middle of a turf war, experiencing all of the crimes that often accompany this.

In this eBook, Milestone Systems highlights the ways in which it can support public transport operators in identifying more efficient strategies for dealing with new and repeat offenders, including by using forward-thinking video surveillance strategies, coupled with advanced analytics and other connected devices, which can boost security, spot patterns and deter vandalism.




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