nextbike by TIER expands bike-sharing systems in Spain

Posted: 24 March 2023 | | No comments yet

The latest tenders in Santander, Arteixo and the Bizkaia region will see nextbike by TIER expand its bike-sharing offer in Spain to a total of 12 systems, with almost 6,000 bikes to be available by the end of 2023.

nextbike by TIER expands bike-sharing systems in Spain

Credit: nextbike by TIER

nextbike by TIER has announced that it has won the tenders to operate its bike-sharing systems in Santander, Arteixo and the Bizkaia (Biscay) region, following the launch of four new systems in Spain at the start of 2023, with three more systems to be brought online in the summer.

The BIZKAIBIZI service for the entire Bizkaia region around the city of Bilbao will include 600 e-bikes, and will complement the existing Bilbaobizi system, while also providing eight additional cities with access to sustainable, personal mobility. Comprising of 60 stations, the system will connect about 750,000 people to the bike-sharing service. In addition to e-bikes, trikes will also be integrated into the service – a special feature of the tender, with the aim of making the system more accessible.

The second e-bike system will be introduced in Santander in summer 2023. Named the Santanderbici service, it will be operated in co-operation with the city and is designed for 220 e-bikes, which will be available for users across 20 stations.

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Finally, for the system in Arteixo, nextbike by TIER will provide a total of 100 classic bikes in addition to 35 e-bikes. This system is also scheduled to start in summer 2023.

“We already offer great bike-sharing schemes in Spain and are proud that our work has been recognised. Bilbaobizi, for example, is the most successful scheme we have in the nextbike world, and it is also the best performing scheme in Europe on a trip per day basis metric. Bilbaobizi has reached more than 18 trips per bike per day in the high season. This proves the high demand for our bike-sharing offer, which can also be seen in the great outcome of our latest tenders in the Spanish market. The newest additions to the nextbike by TIER offer in Spain are therefore already off to a good start”, said Jhon Alexander Ramirez Ospina, International Business Development Manager at nextbike by TIER.

Currently, nextbike by TIER operates 10 bike-sharing systems in Spain with more than 3,000 bikes. Through the tenders that have been won and the expansion of existing systems, the bike-sharing offer will grow to a total of 12 systems with almost 6,000 bikes in 2023.