HumanForest releases first sustainability report

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HumanForest’s sustainability report outlines the positive impact that its vehicles have had on the environment and communities since launching in 2021, as well as the actions that it will take to further reduce its carbon footprint.

HumanForest releases first sustainability report

Credit: HumanForest

HumanForest has announced that it has published the first edition of its annual sustainability report measuring the impact of its service on the environment and communities. It also outlines the company’s framework for further action and improvement across three main pillars – the planet, people and communities.

On a per kilometre basis, HumanForest e-bikes produce 30.9g of CO2 in Scope 3 greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions driven by production and transportation to London. In 2022, the micro-mobility operator had moved the assembly of its e-bikes to Europe and the company is now working to ensure that all of its suppliers sign HumanForest’s Supplier Code of Conduct.

The company is working towards being able to recycle and re-purpose 90% of its e-bike parts. Currently, 60% is recycled with a target to reach 75% by September 2024. End of life batteries solutions are also being explored with partners with the intention to use them for off peak power storage.

Since launching in September 2021, the average ride time on a HumanForest vehicle has increased from 15 minutes to 32 minutes, as the company grows its Borough network, enabling the service to be used for commuting, with 70% of the company’s trips taking place during peak commuting times.

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HumanForest has created over 70 jobs since the company had launched in London 18 months ago. In total, 36% of the company’s leadership team are women and 29% are from diverse backgrounds.

Agustin Guilisasti, Founder and CEO of HumanForest, said: “We bridge the gap between sustainability and affordability, providing a transport solution that will help facilitate a change in transport behaviours to improve air quality in cities.”

Laura Elms, Head of Sustainability at HumanForest, said: “This is the first HumanForest sustainability report to be published and marks the beginning of our journey to expand and improve on our already strong sustainability credentials. There is no silver bullet for how a company can tick all boxes with regards to the people, planet and communities it impacts. However, I strongly believe that every company should be analysing their business operations, recording their impact and setting achievable targets. It’s also vitally important to us that our targets are projected for the near future, rather than far into the future. This keeps us on track for genuine sustainability progress.”

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