Transdev Germany wins additional bus routes in Frankfurt am Main

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The new eight-year contract will allow Transdev Rhein-Main GmbH to further strengthen its position in the German market and secure more jobs in the long-term.

Transdev Germany wins additional bus routes in Frankfurt am Main

Credit: Transdev

Transdev has announced that Transdev Rhein-Main GmbH has been awarded a new contract to operate the bus line bundle east in Frankfurt am Main from December 2022 until the end of 2030, with the option of an additional one-year extension. This was announced by the regional transit authority Rhein-Main Verkehrsverbund (RMV) as the result of a competitive tender.

The contract, which involves up to 780,000 timetable kilometres per year, covers regular services in the eastern part of Frankfurt between Bad Vilbel and Offenbach. A total of 11 buses will be used on three routes and approximately 30 employees will be needed.

“We are pleased that we can further expand our bus business in Frankfurt/Main and take over additional lines. This further strengthens our position in the highly competitive market and secures jobs in the long-term,” said Heiko Schütte, Managing Director of Transdev Rhein-Main GmbH.

Currently, Transdev Rhein-Main GmbH operates various route bundles in Frankfurt am Main and is the largest operator of electric buses in Frankfurt and the surrounding area. A further expansion of the electric bus fleet is planned.

Transdev Germany subsidiary expands its bus services in Neustadt

This news follows the announcement that Transdev Germany’s subsidiary Palatina Bus has successfully defended and expanded its services in the Neustadt/Weinstraße area in Germany. The contract will last for a period of 10 years and will go into effect in December 2022.

As the result of the new contract, the existing traffic in the Neustadt bundle of 1.7 million timetable kilometres per year has been secured and will also grow by an additional 1.3 million timetable kilometres per year.

Therefore, Palatina Bus will operate around 75 buses on 12 routes in the Landau-Speyer-Neustadt/Weinstraße city triangle as of the end of 2022.

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