Transdev Nederland launches contactless ticketing trial in Eindhoven

Posted: 29 April 2022 | | No comments yet

Transdev’s new ‘Check in, Check out’ ticketing trial will allow bus passengers in Eindhoven to pay for fares using their mobile phones, thus making travel easier and more convenient.

Transdev Netherlands launches contactless ticketing system in Eindhoven

Credit: Transdev

Transdev has announced the launch of ‘Check in, Check out’, a new contactless ticketing system trial, in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, which allows customers to pay for their fares with their smartphone.

From May 2022, passengers on bus lines 407 and 408 will be the first to experience checking in and out safely and easily with their mobile phones, without having to use a public transit smartcard or debit card. This has been made possible due to a partnership between Transdev Nederland, the Province of Noord-Brabant and new Dutch payment platform MobyYou.

Also known as ‘Get in, Get out’ in the region, the barrier-free check-in and check-out payment system has been an extremely desired feature among customers, as identified by a customer survey carried out by Transdev in the Netherlands in 2021. The survey recorded the opinions of a total of 4,000 customers.

In early April 2022, the initial testing of the system took place, with representatives of the province, customer organisations and other transportation providers having been invited to try it out.

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Manu Lageirse, Transdev Nederland’s CEO, said: “All transportation companies are always working on innovations that will enable us to serve our passengers even better. Within Transdev, we find it important to share our knowledge. Together, we’re going to see whether ‘Check in, Check out’ can be rolled out throughout the Netherlands in the future. That way, travelling by public transportation will become easier and easier.”

Suzanne Otters-Bruinen, Noord-Brabant Province Commissioner, said: “’Check in, Check out’ fits well with the innovative and progressive character of the province and the inspiring co-operation within Brainport Eindhoven. So, it’s great that we have this scoop and can test it out with the commuters from the High-Tech Campus.”

In the coming months, Transdev and the Dutch start-up will optimise the ‘Get in, Get out’ service based on feedback from customers and bus drivers. Besides checking in and out, it is also possible to use the app to control the stop button in the bus. Based on the feedback, further possibilities to serve customers even better are being explored.