Ardenne Metropolitan Authority renews contract with RATP Dev

Posted: 4 June 2024 | | No comments yet

The Ardenne Metropolitan Authority has renewed its contract with RATP Dev to manage the TAC public transit network for another 7.5 years, with a focus on digital transformation, community engagement and sustainability.

Ardenne Metropolitan Authority renews contract with RATP Dev

Credit: RATP Dev

The Ardenne Metropolitan Authority has re-affirmed its partnership with RATP Dev to continue managing the TAC public transit network. The renewed contract, effective from 17 July 2024, extends for 7.5 years, underscoring a commitment to enhancing regional mobility and economic growth across 57 municipalities with a collective population of 120,000 residents.

Under RATP Dev’s stewardship through its subsidiary CTCM since 2012, the TAC network has undergone significant transformation, marked by a strategic overhaul of service offerings that have consistently boosted ridership since 2015. Looking ahead, the company aims to surpass 2.7 million passengers annually by 2031, further solidifying the network’s role as a vital pillar of local development.

In addition, RATP Dev plans to introduce several enhancements throughout the duration of the contract. Key initiatives include the digital transformation of communication channels, including a comprehensive update of the website and the launch of a new mobile app. These efforts aim to provide passengers with real-time information and seamless access to mobility services.

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Moreover, RATP Dev will establish mobility centres and engage directly with local stakeholders. This includes educational initiatives with students to promote responsible transit behaviours and community meetings with seniors to address mobility concerns.

Both the Ardenne Metropolitan Authority and RATP Dev have prioritised sustainability with the inauguration of an Oleo100 biofuel tank in April 2023. Oleo100, derived entirely from French rapeseed, serves as an eco-friendly alternative to fossil fuels, aligning with efforts to combat climate change. RATP Dev plans to expand the use of biofuels across its entire fleet, demonstrating a robust commitment to environmental stewardship and the energy transition.

“Our initiatives in the Ardenne Metropolitan Area since 2012 perfectly illustrate our approach to serving the local areas: improving the service for passengers, reaching out to local residents, working towards economic and cultural goals and contributing to the decarbonisation of the metropolitan area. Mobility is a strong driver of local development for all municipal authorities. We will be careful to keep this progress going,” said Serge Reynaud, RATP Dev Executive Director France-Switzerland.