Intelligent Transport Podcast Episode 31 – Christophe Tenthorey, RATP Dev Casablanca

In this latest episode of the Intelligent Transport Podcast, Editorial Assistant Halimah Haque sat down with Christophe Tenthorey, Director of RATP Dev Casablanca, to explore the transformative impact of the newly launched Casa Busway and to discuss how RATP Group’s collaborative approach with local stakeholders is advancing innovative urban mobility solutions in the city.

Intelligent Transport Podcast Episode 31 - Christophe Tenthorey, RATP Dev Casablanca

Beginning the conversation for this episode, Christophe Tenthorey, Director of RATP Dev Casablanca, discusses the remarkable growth and importance of new transportation infrastructure in Morocco’s commercial capital, highlighting the city’s transformation from having no significant tramway or bus network 12 years ago to now boasting an extensive network of tramways and busways covering over 90km. 

Then, Christophe delves into the significance of the newly launched Casa Busway (BW1 and BW2), underlining their role in meeting the increasing demand for urban mobility in Casablanca’s densely populated environment. Furthermore, he underscores the collaborative ethos that is ingrained within the entire RATP Group, demonstrating how the company’s collective expertise and close partnership with local stakeholders drive transformative projects that benefit communities and set new standards in urban transportation globally.

In the second half of this episode, we shift our focus to the future, as Christophe shares RATP Dev’s vision for enhancing public transportation networks across the globe. He discusses the company’s commitment to sustainability, emphasising initiatives such as fleet electrification, inter-modality and energy efficiency to reduce environmental impact. Christophe envisions the evolution of bus rapid transit systems, incorporating technological advancements like autonomous buses to enhance frequency, punctuality and energy optimisation on dedicated lanes. He also stresses the importance of sharing best practices and lessons learned across different cultural and infrastructural contexts to promote efficient and sustainable transport solutions worldwide.

RATP Dev CasaChristophe Tenthorey, Director of RATP Dev Casablanca since September 2020, brings nearly 25 years of international public transportation experience. With an engineering degree from INSA Lyon, he started at Alstom Transport in Canada, Lyon, and the U.S. He then joined RTM in Marseille, leading infrastructure maintenance and later Bus and Tramway operations. In 2018, he founded Agili.T, working globally. At RATP DEV Casablanca, he oversees tramway and Busway expansions and negotiates contracts for new services and lines.

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