The People Behind the Wheel Podcast Episode 3 – Rachel Geliamassi, Great Western Railway

In the latest ‘The People Behind the Wheel’ podcast episode, Rachel Geliamassi, Customer Service Director at the Great Western Railway, discusses her journey into the transportation industry, highlighting her passion for customer service and the pivotal role of human connection in transport, whilst in conversation with Editorial Assistant Halimah Haque.

The People Behind the Wheel Podcast Episode 3 - Rachel Geliamassi, Great Western Railway

Beginning the conversation for this episode, Rachel Geliamassi, Customer Service Director at Great Western Railway (GWR), shares her journey and enthusiasm for enhancing customer experiences within the transportation sector. Rachel highlights the importance of fostering positive experiences for both customers and employees, aiming to create a vibrant and supportive environment within the organisation.

Then, Rachel delves into her inspiration for pursuing a career in transportation, citing her family’s involvement in the bus industry and her passion for customer service roles. She explains how her early exposure to transport instilled a desire to connect people with their destinations, emphasising the human element within the industry. From her teenage years, Rachel actively sought positions that allowed her to engage with people and create memorable experiences, further fuelling her commitment to making a difference in the lives of passengers.

In the second half of this episode, we shift our focus to the future as Rachel discusses her aspirations for her role at Great Western Railway, hoping to significantly enhance customer satisfaction and employee wellbeing over the next five years. Rachel underlines the need for simplifying processes and empowering employees to make customer-centric decisions, fostering a more agile and responsive transport sector. Rachel concludes the episode by envisioning a future where public transport is inclusive, sustainable and driven by meaningful partnerships. 

Rachel - GWRRachel Geliamassi joined Great Western Railway (GWR) as Customer Service Director in March 2024. She has executive responsibility for GWR’s stations and frontline on-board teams, encompassing GWR’s 198 managed stations and over 3,000 thousand colleagues in total, and is passionate about delivering the highest quality customer service. She was previously Managing Director at Stagecoach West, covering the West of England and Oxfordshire, having joined the bus business as a graduate in 2007. Rachel also has a strong focus on diversity and inclusion, and resides in Gloucestershire with her family.