RATP Dev completes automation of Line 4 of the Paris metro

Posted: 13 February 2024 | | No comments yet

RATP Dev’s automation of Line 4 in Paris, funded by Ile-de-France Mobilités, improves safety and service for 700,000 daily commuters, marking a significant leap forward in the city’s transportation system.

RATP Dev unveils historic automation of Line 4 of the Paris metro

Credit: RATP Dev

RATP Dev has announced the successful automation of Line 4, representing a significant advancement in the city’s transportation infrastructure. Line 4, the second busiest metro line in Paris, has undergone a seamless modernisation process without substantial disruptions to its daily operations.

Line 4 has served as a critical north-south route for Parisian transit for over a century, accommodating approximately 700,000 commuters each day, including tourists visiting the city’s renowned attractions. The decision to automate Line 4 aimed to improve passenger experience, enhance service efficiency and reinforce safety measures, particularly in preparation for the upcoming Olympic and Paralympic Games in Paris.

The automation project, which cost around €480 million, has been financed entirely by Ile-de-France Mobilités, the public transit authority overseeing the Greater Paris region. RATP Group, leveraging its expertise in automated metro systems, had led the intricate transformation of Line 4, ensuring uninterrupted service throughout the extensive modernisation process.

Key enhancements resulting from the automation of Line 4 include increased passenger capacity, real-time service adaptability, reduced intervals between trains, enhanced safety and regularity measures, greater availability of on-ground staff for passenger assistance and strengthened capacity for rapid response to contingencies.

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Line 4 now stands alongside Line 1 as the second automated line in the Paris metro network, setting a precedent for automated transit systems globally. The automation initiative, spanning six years, involved a comprehensive overhaul of Line 4’s infrastructure, including the installation of over 5km of automatic platform screen doors across 29 stations, bolstering passenger safety and service efficiency.

The modernisation programme highlights RATP’s commitment to fostering innovation in Parisian transit, generating economic growth and employment opportunities within the region’s transportation sector.

This project engaged all departments within RATP, including engineering, operations and maintenance. In addition, the selected companies responsible for the project created numerous job opportunities locally and contributed to the expertise development of some of France’s leading firms in this domain.