City of Brampton launches second year of e-scooter pilot programme

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Brampton launches the second year of its e-scooter pilot programme, expanding efforts to enhance urban mobility and sustainability with up to 900 e-scooters and a new hybrid parking model.

City of Brampton launches second year of e-scooter pilot programme

The City of Brampton has announced that it has officially commenced the second year of its e-scooter pilot programme following a successful first year. This initiative aims to advance urban mobility and offer more sustainable transportation choices for residents and visitors.

Expanding on the achievements of the inaugural season, the programme is part of Brampton’s broader Active Transportation Master Plan, which seeks to realise the city’s 2040 Vision of a well-integrated transportation network emphasising walking, cycling and public transit.

For the 2024 season, the city has partnered with Neuron Mobility, Bird Canada and Scooty Mobility to introduce up to 900 e-scooters across Brampton. A new hybrid parking model has also been implemented, incorporating designated parking spots and a free-floating system. In order to ensure efficiency and convenience, riders are required to return e-scooters to specified parking areas before completing their rides.

In its first year, the e-scooter pilot programme deployed 750 e-scooters, facilitating approximately 200,000 trips by over 110,000 riders. These trips covered more than 415,000km, resulting in estimated savings of 6,000l of gasoline and a reduction of approximately 14 tonnes of carbon emissions.

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“Embracing innovation and sustainability while offering accessible and active transportation options is a priority for the city and this pilot programme does just that. We are excited to be working with our partners again this year [2024] to increase transportation options for Brampton residents and visitors, showcasing a community where accessibility meets environmental consciousness,” said Patrick Brown, Mayor of the City of Brampton.

Residents are encouraged to share their feedback, experiences and suggestions about the e-scooter pilot programme by email or by calling 311. Customers can also access additional information about the pilot through the city’s website.

Brampton, recognised as one of Canada’s fastest-growing cities, is home to nearly 700,000 people and over 100,000 businesses, committed to fostering a healthy, safe and successful community driven by innovation and sustainability.

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