nextbike reclaims independence and charts growth path with new partnership

Posted: 1 May 2024 | | No comments yet

nextbike is poised for independent growth following its spin-off from TIER Mobility SE, with a renewed focus on advancing bike-sharing infrastructure across Europe.

nextbike reclaims independence and charts growth path with new partnership

Credit: nextbike

nextbike, a prominent player in sustainable micro-mobility solutions, has announced that it is embarking on a new journey as it re-establishes itself as an independent entity following its association with TIER Mobility SE. The transition will see the formation of nextbike GmbH, representing a strategic pivot as the company refocuses on its core business.

Having served as the European market leader under TIER Mobility SE, nextbike has achieved significant milestones with revenues reaching €59.3 million in 2023. Its extensive fleet of over 115,000 bikes operates across 20 countries and more than 300 cities, facilitating approximately 45 million rides – a testament to its integral role in modernising public transportation.

Simon Stephan, a representative of nextbike management, said: “In recent years, we have proven to be particularly resilient and innovative. nextbike, together with its municipal partners, has not only established bike-sharing as an integral component of local public transport but has also developed a stable and economically sustainable business model with this format. Long-term reliability is key when it comes to public infrastructure and services. With STAR Capital, we now have an experienced and established partner behind us to continue nextbike’s success story for the next 20 years.”

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With its renewed independence, nextbike is poised to sharpen its focus on developing tailored bike-sharing solutions for public transit systems throughout Europe. This includes further investment in innovative system solutions, customer apps and enhanced operational support.

The move comes at a time when cities are increasingly embracing multimodal mobility services. Philipp Gensch, from the company’s investor, noted: “nextbike is known for its commitment to innovation while prioritising the needs of partner cities and customers. We are impressed by the achievements of the nextbike team and foresee promising opportunities for organic growth.”

As nextbike prepares to leverage its expertise and expand its footprint, the strategic realignment underscores a commitment to advancing sustainable transportation solutions in urban centres across Europe.