DDOT adds four electric buses into Detroit’s public transit fleet

Posted: 25 May 2022 | | No comments yet

The Detroit Department of Transportation’s first electric buses will provide commuters with a sustainable travel option that is quieter – ensuring a smoother passenger experience.

DDOT adds four electric buses into Detroit’s public transit fleet

Credit: Detroit Department of Transportation

The Detroit Department of Transportation (DDOT) has announced that it has officially launched four electric buses into regular revenue service after a launch ceremony on 23 May 2022, featuring local leadership figures, local sustainability experts and Proterra leadership.

The new vehicles are the first electric buses in DDOT’s fleet and will provide the city’s residents with an environmentally friendly travel option that produces fewer emissions, is quieter and more energy efficient and uses fewer parts than standard fossil fuel buses – making them a sustainable choice for public transit.

“DDOT is excited and proud to partner with Proterra to bring cleaner transit to Detroit,” said DDOT’s Executive Director of Transit C. Mikel Oglesby. “Detroiters deserve safe and sustainable transit, and we are happy to be at the forefront of this exciting technology.”

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According to current research and development data, battery-electric buses perform efficiently, relying on re-chargeable batteries, and do not emit any harmful tailpipe emissions or other greenhouse gasses. The motors of an electric bus are more reliable, less costly to maintain, have fewer moving parts, are quieter and thus, create a smoother ride for passengers.

As the electric bus charging station is located at Shoemaker Terminal, on the east side of Detroit, the electric buses will be assigned to routes based out of that terminal.

This launch marks DDOT’s commitment to advance green technology and provide the city of Detroit with a greener public transit fleet. In addition, it is part of the many initiatives that the city has already launched, in order to improve Detroit’s air quality, reduce citywide greenhouse gas emissions and to ultimately develop healthy, green and accessible neighbourhoods.