Contactless payment is now available on Xplore buses in Dundee

Posted: 7 May 2019 | | No comments yet

With the decline in the use of cash payments, the installation of contactless payments on Dundee buses brings the service in line with current payment trends.

Dundee’s main bus operator is now offering contactless payment on all of its services. 

Xplore Dundee recently upgraded its ticket machines to the ‘Ticketer’ system, making the process faster and more secure. The bus company is now able to switch on the contactless facility, which means customers can pay for their bus tickets using bank and credit cards. 

Colin Richards and Christine McGlasson with the new contactless technology

Managing Director, Christine McGlasson, said: “Now that we’ve bedded in our new ticket system and smoothed out any teething issues, we’re delighted to provide contactless payment on board all Xplore Dundee buses. There will be no more issues with carrying the exact change, or forgetting your smartcard – it’s quicker and easier than ever to buy a bus ticket using your bank or credit card. We believe the new Ticketer machines are a significant investment in customer service – they’re swift and secure and we hope contactless will encourage even more people in Dundee to choose bus travel.”

According to recent figures, across the UK, contactless payments grew by 99 per cent in 2017, and cash payments fell from 61 per cent of all payments in 2007 to 34 per cent in 2017.

Cash will still be accepted on board all Xplore Dundee buses, as well as smartcard/NEC/concession cards and the mTicket app, which continues to be the best value method of buying Day, Weekly and Student passes. 

Thea Fisher, Head of Partnerships with Littlepay, said: “Littlepay is thrilled to support the acceptance of contactless payments on Xplore Dundee’s services. We are seeing huge growth in contactless payments across our services, and we know that Dundee’s passengers will benefit from the seamless ticketing experience provided. We look forward to delivering further innovative services in partnership with Xplore Dundee.”

John Clarfelt, CEO of Ticketer, said: “We are delighted to be working with Xplore Dundee and Littlepay to help deliver the convenience of contactless transit payments to the people of Dundee, and to a growing number of visitors to this vibrant city. It is so important, particularly when we are all looking to make more sustainable travel choices, to ensure travel by bus is as convenient as possible for everyone.”

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