Rowgate Group expands partnership with FlixBus to enhance UK coach services

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Rowgate Group, based in Berkshire, plans to expand its partnership with FlixBus to enhance scheduled coach services and introduce new routes starting 20 May 2024, with further improvements anticipated in September.

Rowgate Group expands partnership with FlixBus to enhance UK coach services

Credit: FlixBus

Rowgate Group, a Berkshire-based operator, has unveiled plans to deepen its collaboration with FlixBus. The expansion aims to increase scheduled coach services and introduce new routes starting from 20 May 2024, with further enhancements anticipated in September.

This strategic partnership will see Rowgate Group integrating additional vehicles into FlixBus’s long-distance network, focusing on key routes connecting Bristol, Reading and London. 

Andreas Schorling, Managing Director of FlixBus UK, said: “Rowgate has been a fantastic partner, delivering quality and consistency for our customers. We have built a strong relationship and this has allowed us to expand together rapidly.”

“FlixBus has developed a really strong vision and identity which stands out in the market, which is what initially attracted us to work with them,” said Simon Rowland, Group CEO of Rowgate. “We have already seen huge potential for growth through their model, so we were very keen to expand our partnership with FlixBus.”

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The alliance between Rowgate Group and FlixBus had first been established in July 2023, showcasing a shared ambition for innovation. FlixBus’s recent series of expansions across the UK, including partnerships with McGill’s Bus Group, Belle Vue and Cymru Coaches, reflect its ongoing commitment to expanding the reach of coach travel.

Furthermore, Andreas Schorling highlighted FlixBus’s broader environmental impact, citing the company’s latest Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) report. The report revealed that over 81 million passengers in 2023 opted for the company’s services, leading to substantial reductions in CO2 emissions, underscoring the company’s sustainability efforts.

Schorling added: “Recently reaching third anniversary in the UK, I could not be prouder of the network growth we’re achieving with our operator partners. We are building for generations to come as the future of coach travel.”

This collaboration signifies a significant milestone in the evolution of intercity coach travel in the UK, combining Rowgate Group’s operational expertise with FlixBus’s innovative approach to service delivery. 

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