First Bus commits to doubling women in workforce by 2028

Posted: 8 March 2024 | | No comments yet

In an effort to increase gender inclusivity in the transport sector, First Bus pledges to double its female workforce by 2028 and ensure 40% of senior leadership roles are filled by women.

First Bus commits to doubling women in workforce by 2028

Credit: First Bus

On International Women’s Day 2024, First Bus has announced commitments aimed at fostering inclusivity and gender parity within its workforce. The company vows to double the number of women in its business within the next five years and aims for 20% female representation by 2028.

In alignment with the recommendations of FTSE Women Leaders, First Bus is determined to have 40% of senior leadership roles filled by women by 2028. To achieve these goals, the company has unveiled two ambitious recruitment pledges.

Firstly, all senior hires, starting from roles at the Staff Manager level and above, will face a balanced panel of female and male interviewers in their initial interview. Secondly, the shortlist stage for these senior positions will maintain a 50:50 split between male and female candidates.

These pledges mark a significant move by First Bus to actively address gender disparity within the transport sector, an industry traditionally dominated by men. The company recognises the importance of ally ship in achieving true gender parity and is committed to fostering an environment where all employees feel welcome, can thrive and succeed.

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Janette Bell, Managing Director at First Bus, said: “Our ambition is that by 2028, 20% of our business will be made up of females. This would see us doubling the number of women in the business within the next five years, as we have done over the past five years. We want First Bus to be a place where our people feel welcome, can be their true selves and succeed.”

Louise Cheesman, Chair of Women in Bus and Coach, said: “It’s so important to see businesses like First Bus not only acknowledge the work they have to do to reach gender parity, but also to show real commitment to how they will achieve it.”

Sonya Byers, CEO of Women in Transport, said: “It is great to see the hard work paying off for everyone at First Bus as they continue to transform their business to attract more women than ever before. The pledges they are making have the potential to make a real difference and aim to attract even more women to join one of the UK’s biggest bus operators and into the transport industry for a rewarding career.”