Västtrafik renews 10-year partnership with Nobina in Skaraborg, Sweden

Posted: 1 December 2023 | | No comments yet

Västtrafik and Nobina’s renewed 10-year collaboration in Skaraborg, Sweden, promises sustainable transit solutions, emphasising electric and renewable energy-powered buses.

Nobina awarded contract renewal for sustainable transit in Stockholm Region

Västtrafik, the main public transportation company in Sweden, has announced that it has re-affirmed its commitment to sustainability and passenger-centric services by renewing its collaboration with Nobina. The two new contracts, spanning both city transport and rural traffic services in Skaraborg, Sweden, are set to kick off in June 2025 for a 10-year period.

Under these contracts, approximately 165 scheduled buses will ply across Skaraborg, offering comprehensive city and regional transport services. The scope of services extends to include scheduled school bus traffic, ensuring a well-rounded and accessible public transport system for residents. Notably, all city transport operations will exclusively employ electrical or renewable energy sources, aligning with the companies’ shared commitment to environmental responsibility.

Nobina to develop city transport in Oulu, Finland from June 2024

Martin Pagrotsky, Managing Director of Nobina Sweden, expressed delight at the contract renewal, highlighting the opportunity to continue developing public transport services with a focus on passengers. He said: “We are very pleased that Västtrafik has decided to renew our collaboration. This will allow us to continue to operate and develop public transport that focuses on travellers, while we lead and contribute towards sustainable development.”

The decision on the awards is open for appeal until 4 December 2023, maintaining transparency and accountability in the procurement process. This collaborative effort reflects a strategic partnership dedicated to providing safe, sustainable and technologically advanced public transportation solutions for the community in Skaraborg.