Bolt announces deployment of 5,000 electric motorcycles in Kenya

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Bolt’s plan to deploy 5,000 electric motorcycles in Kenya over three years is set to enhance driver earnings and reduce emissions, supporting the country’s transition to sustainable transportation.

Bolt announces deployment of 5,000 electric motorcycles in Kenya

Credit: Bolt

Bolt, the global shared mobility company, has unveiled plans to deploy a fleet of 5,000 electric motorcycles in Kenya over the next three years. This initiative aims to enhance driver earnings and significantly reduce tailpipe emissions across the country.

Partnering with M-KOPA, an African fintech platform specialising in affordable financing solutions, Bolt will offer new and existing drivers the opportunity to lease electric motorcycles at discounted rates. This partnership is expected to reduce operational costs for drivers, ultimately increasing their earnings.

The deployment of these 5,000 electric motorcycles is aligned with Kenya’s National E-mobility Policy, which encourages the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) and supports local production and assembly of EVs. The zero tailpipe emissions and lower maintenance requirements of e-bikes present a cost-effective alternative for drivers compared to traditional petrol vehicles.

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Caroline Wanjihia, Regional Director of Ride-hailing Operations for Africa & International Markets at Bolt, said: “We are excited to introduce our electric motorcycle fleet, in partnership with M-KOPA, as part of our ongoing efforts to support and empower our drivers. This marks a significant milestone in Bolt’s mission to provide environmentally friendly and financially viable transportation solutions in Kenya. 

“By leveraging electric vehicles, we are not only reducing our environmental footprint but also enhancing driver earnings and improving overall economic stability within the communities that we serve. Considering all financial incentives and reduced operating costs, drivers participating in this pilot launch could see significantly increased daily earnings compared to petrol motorcycles. This initiative underscores our commitment to driving positive change and fostering economic empowerment within our driver community.”

The initial deployment of the electric motorcycles will begin in Nairobi, with plans for expansion into other regions in the future. Bolt aims to leverage strategic partnerships and collaborations with local stakeholders to create an inclusive transportation ecosystem that benefits both users and the environment.

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